Sporting Index Talk Budget With Bloomberg TV

Sporting Index’s Ed Fulton talks Budget with Bloomberg TV

Spread bet on politics with Sporting Index It was an early start for our spokesman Ed Fulton on Wednesday morning as he headed to the Houses of Parliament to talk about George Osborne’s Budget with Bloomberg TV. Ahead of every big Budget our traders produce a number of novelty markets on one of politics’ most-eagerly awaited acts of theatre. For example, they predicted the speech would be 56 minutes long, that Osborne would take four sips of water, and that there would be 108 mentions of tax. We saw a flurry of bets, but many were left disappointed as Osborne took just two sips of water. However, with tax mentioned just 83 times, sellers were counting the cash.

Surprisingly, there was also only one mention of euro – traders had anticipated three.

You can watch Ed Fulton’s interview here -

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