Excitement Guaranteed

'Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.'

As much as we'd like to lay claim to it, Sporting Index didn't invent 'risk'- but it is the cornerstone of why sports spread betting takes excitement to the max.

It’s a question of risk versus reward. It's pedal to the metal stuff. It's not just about being hopeful of landing a winning bet, it's the lure of a massive return. It's about being proved right and being rewarded all the more for it (of course it can go the other way if you're proved wrong). It’s when a striker - whose goal minutes you've bought - gathers the ball and unleashes a shot in the dying seconds. You're looking at a make-up of 0 or 90 minutes depending on whether it's buried in the top corner or slams back against the crossbar. Or when a team's fly-half - whose kicking metres you've sold - tees up a penalty close to the touchline. A swing of 40 metres depending on whether it sails between the sticks or drifts wide.

Sports spread betting delivers a much stronger sense of value, satisfaction and emotional connection to the event. And the element of the 'unknown' is right at the heart of it. The risks are obvious, the potential rewards great, but the excitement is off the scale.



  • A bet with a greater potential reward for your sporting knowledge every time you 'buy' or 'sell'.
  • A bet where winnings and losses are on sliding scale, intrinsically linked to your own opinion and the live action.
  • A bet that lets you back a team or a player to do well or badly.
  • The flexibility to react in-play by Cashing Out at any time, either to secure a profit, limit a loss or break even. After all we are the original pioneers of in-play betting.
  • A huge range of innovative, topical and unique markets across the widest range of sporting and topical events.



One of two options with a spread bet. Every spread betting market has a two-way price and you buy (go long) at the higher number - also known as the bid price. Whether it's Goals, Bookings or Corners, if you choose to buy, you're expecting more than our quoted level and your profits or losses will rise or fall in line with the actual result.


One of two options wih a spread bet. Every spread betting market has a two-way price and you sell (go short) at the lower number - also known as the offer price. Whether it's Goals, Bookings or Corners, if you choose to sell, you're expecting less than our quoted level and your profits or losses will rise or fall in line with the actual result.


The act of stopping a bet that you have already placed, before it comes to its natural conclusion, either to secure a profit or limit a loss.


Every spread betting market has a two-way price, where you choose to buy at the higher price or sell at the lower price. The spread is the difference between the buy price and the sell price.


Your unit stake is the amount you wish to buy or sell for. Unlike a fixed-odds bet this isn't the most you can lose on any one bet but it's easy to work out your maximum risk - see Risk.


Your maximum risk - also known as exposure - can be calculated by multiplying your unit stake by the worst case scenario. For example, if you buy Total Goals at 3 for £10 a goal, the game could realistically end goalless which means you're risking £30 (difference between the level you buy at: 3 and the level it could end at: 0 multiplied by your unit stake: £10).


The interaction between yourself and our trading floor, summarised by you placing a bet and that bet being accepted.


A particular type of spread betting market where the outcome is measured by a pre-defined scoring system. Our Champions League Outright Index is the perfect example where the winner is awarded 100pts, runner-up: 75pts, losing semi-finalists: 50pts, losing quarter-finalists: 25pts, last 16: 10pts, others: 0pts. You can buy or sell any team and know exactly how much you stand to win or lose - which of course depends on how far they progress.


The area of activity where you can trade in a particular feature of a sport or event.


The result, once a market has come to its natural conclusion - whether it's a Total Goals make up of 4 in a match that ends 2-2 or a Player's Goal Minutes make up of 52 after he scores in the 10th and 42nd minute.


Need Help

Our Customer Services team can be contacted on freephone 08000 96 96 07 (+44 20 7840 4050 from overseas) from 8.00am until 11.00pm every day. The convenience of Live Chat can also be used during those hours. During this time we aim to respond to any emails sent to enquiries@sportingindex.com and reply to any posts tweeted to @sportingindex within 1 hour.

If you’re new to sports spread betting and fancy giving it a go but would rather not do a 'Luis Suarez' (bite off more than you can chew), we have the perfect graduation step for you. A Sporting Index demo account takes seconds to open and lets you get to grips with all of our markets and the nuances of spread betting with zero risk, using chips instead of real money. After a couple of weeks - or sooner if you prefer - you have the option to upgrade to a real-play sports spread betting account and that's when the excitement really begins.