All Eyes On Houghton And Sunderland South

All eyes on Houghton and Sunderland South In UK General Election

Spread bet on politics with Sporting Index The big day is finally here. It’s polling day and over 30 million votes will be cast in what is shaping up to be the closest general election in a generation. The opinion polls are showing a statistically insignificant lead of one per cent for either Labour or the Conservatives, however there are opportunities for political spread betting punters to cash in.

First things first. Barring the biggest ever shock in UK political history, the constituency of Houghton and Sunderland South will be the first to complete their count and elect an MP. The Returning Officer is aiming for 23:00 and our Time of First Declaration market predicts they will fall short of that speedy market and elect Labour’s Bridget Phillipson at 23:08. They are a determined bunch in Sunderland and won’t want to disappoint the watching eyes of the nation, so a small sell might be a wise move. Also, a new poll out in the last 24 hours shows Labour’s standing in London on the up and our London Regional Markets indicate Labour are set to gain at least six seats, taking their total to 44 out of the 73 London constituencies. It may well be worth looking again at Labour’s London seats market as that figure of six might be a bit low when results are read out. As national opinion polling has been largely static and unchanged, we’ve developed a number of general election special markets including voter turnout, seat supremacy and size of smallest winning margin, which is currently at just 29 votes. We’ll be up all night watching results roll in, so you can trade party seats markets till your hearts are content.

However cynical the election campaigning has been, a general election is an exhilarating time for all political junkies. Savour this moment as there may not be another for five full years – or, there could be another in just a few months’ time!

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