Budget 2013 Statistics Infographic

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Budget 2013 - Adding The Numbers Up

Length Of Budget Speeches

Over the last 20 years, the Chancellor's Budget speech has lasted an average of 59 minutes. Ken Clarke delivered the longest, back in 1994, which clocked in at an eyelid-dropping 1 hour 24 minutes. Gordon Brown is tied for the shortest when wrapping it all up inside 49 minutes in 2005 and 2007.

Chancellor's Sips of Water

Ken Clarke, Gordon Brown... they didn't touch a drop. It took until 2010 and Alistair Darling to reach for the water whilst delivering his budget speech - the first time in two decades. George Osborne has since doubled the number of sips taken year on year and if he carries on at this rate he'll have to ask the speaker if he can be excused.

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George Osborne uttered the 'Tax' 95 times last year and 83 times in 2011, far more than 'Million' and 'billion'. He also failed to mention the word 'Euro' even once last year, yet dropped it in on 9 occasions in 2011. Sign (€) of the times?

Budget 2013 Infographic

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