July 2016

1 minutes, 8 mentions of `the wall' and 2 chants of `USA, USA' Trump's acceptance speech in numbers (20th July 2016)

Donald Trump is set to refer to his proposed wall between the US and Mexico eight times when he accepts the Republican nomination for President on Thursday, according to leading political spread betting company Sporting Index.

Trump is expected to speak for 61 minutes at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on Thursday, and Sporting Index predicts he'll refer to his likely opponent as `crooked Hillary' on four separate occasions.

It's expected Trump will mention Hillary Clinton¿s recent email trouble five times during his speech, in addition to two references to Benghazi.

The Uber-confident Republican nominee for President is expected to say `tremendous' five times, with four mentions of `beautiful' and three occurrences of `amazing'.

Sporting Index predict the convention delegates in Cleveland will break into an impromptu chant of `USA, USA' twice during the real estate mogul's speech.

Ed Fulton, political spokesman for Sporting Index, said: "It may have caught practically all political observers off guard, but Donald Trump will walk onto the stage on Thursday to formally accept the Republican nomination for President."

"With a prime time TV audience tuning in, Trump will want to get his key messages across and we think his policy of building a physical wall on the US-Mexico border will feature heavily."

"It's almost certain that he'll address Hillary Clinton directly, with the former US Secretary of State's recent email trouble providing plenty for Trump to go on. Whatever your opinion of Trump, his acceptance speech on Thursday will be fascinating viewing."