April 2017

Black Cats running out of lives - Sunderland strip the most relegated in Premier League history (13th April 2017)

Sunderland are staring down the barrel at relegation in the Premier League's 25th season and, according to research by spread betting company Sporting Index, who are also celebrating their 25th anniversary, their kit makes them prime candidates for the drop.

In the 25 seasons of the Premier League, 30 of the 75 relegated teams have worn stripes, with 22 sides wearing red, and a further 39 having a secondary colour of white - the same as the Black Cats.

Better news for David Moyes is that white is the most sported short colour - though Sunderland's black shorts are next with 16 relegations. White is the most common sock colour for relegated teams, with 20 sides.

Sunderland face West Ham this weekend, and with 10 points separating them from safety are desperate for a win - although given their unlucky kit, their fate may already be decided.

The research from the spread betting firm is to mark Sporting Index's 25th anniversary, who just like the Premier League, have been delivering plenty of excitement since 1992.

Just as the introduction of the Premier League raised the bar for English football, the original in-play betting company Sporting Index has been at the forefront of sports betting innovation, setting trends that others have been following for 25 years.

These include being the pioneers of both in-play betting and cash out - keeping football fans gripped since the early 90s.
Ed Fulton, spokesman for Sporting Index, said: "The bad news keeps coming for David Moyes and the fact that Sunderland are wearing the Premier League's unluckiest kit won't help the beleaguered Scot."

"Sunderland's slide towards the Championship has seemed inevitable for a while. Moyes has tried and failed to turn around their form, but perhaps a change of kit could give the Black Cats the change of luck they need to avoid the drop."

Labour to plummet to historical low of 165 seats (27th April 2017)

The Conservative Party is set to extend their number of seats in the House of Commons from 330 to 387 seats, according to leading spread betting firm Sporting Index.

The traders are reporting one-way traffic for the Tories and have had to revise their quote on how many constituencies will turn blue from 375 to 387 in the last 24 hours, with Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party all losing ground.

Jeremy Corbyn's party has leaked eight seats since Sporting Index's market went live last Friday, with their presence in the Commons expected to be reduced to 165 from a current 229.

The Lib Dems have also been weak since trading began, falling from 31 to 28 seats.

Ed Fulton, trading spokesman for Sporting Index, said: "All of the support has been for the Tories since our markets opened up last week and the latest from the traders is that Theresa May's party will only be a few seats short of emulating the Conservative's historical victory of 1983."

"At 387, the Tories look on-course to surpass their 1987 total of 376 seats and aren't miles away from their highest ever total of 397 in '83. Meanwhile the latest betting shows Labour's share of the benches looks set to plummet to an historical low of 165."

Red is the colour but blue is fighting back (28 April 2017)

The Premier League is nearing the end of its 25th season and research from spread betting company Sporting Index, who are also celebrating their 25th anniversary, shows that despite a recent blue resurgence, red is still the luckiest kit colour.

Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United won an incredible eight of the first 11 Premier League titles, with shock winners Blackburn the only `blue' champions in the first dozen seasons.

However, it's been a tale of two halves with Chelsea, Manchester City and Leicester looking likely to give the blues eight wins from the past 13 years.

White comfortably wins the shorts argument, with 18 of the champions sporting the neutral colour, while six winners have worn blue.
White has also been the most popular shirt collar colour, but black has marginally dominated the socks.

The spread betting firm, which was also founded in 1992, conducted the research to mark its own 25th anniversary.

From late winners in 'Fergie Time' to Eden Hazard's goals for Chelsea this season, Sporting Index has helped punters trade excitement throughout the Premier League era, keeping fans gripped for the full 90, since the early 90s.

Just as the Premier League raised the bar for football worldwide, Sporting Index have been innovating since 1992, introducing in-play betting, cashing out, and buying and selling - the original exchange.

Ed Fulton, spokesman for Sporting Index, said: "The birth of Sporting Index coincided with the start of the Premier League and we've seen so much excitement over the past 25 years."

"It was like the Red Sea at the start of the Premier League with Man United and Arsenal dominating, but the tide has changed in recent seasons."

"What is certain is that if you support a team who doesn't wear red or blue you've got absolutely no chance."