March 2017

57 minutes, 4 sips of water and 91 mentions of Tax - The Budget 2017 in numbers (8th March 2017)

Philip Hammond gives his first Budget speech today and leading political spread betting company Sporting Index predicts it will be thirsty work with the Chancellor taking four sips of water in his 57 minute speech.

He is expected to utter the word `tax' 91 times, `billion' 29 times and `million' on 23 occasions. `Brexit' will be heard twice while the spread betting firm reckons he won't mention `Trump' at all. The house speaker is also expected to call the house to order three times.

As it is International Women’s Day, Sporting Index has created a special `A day without a woman' market - the number of female MPs to ask a question during Prime Minister's Questions. The current prediction is seven.

Ed Fulton, political spokesman for Sporting Index, said: "We'll know more about Philip Hammond's Budget habits after today, but we reckon he's going to be one of the thirstier Chancellors."

"George Osborne calmed down with the water intake after his record eight sips in 2012 and four is our prediction for Hammond's first Budget."

"Our `A day without a woman' market is a fun one and I'm sure spread bettors will be interested in the number of female MPs who ask a question during PMQs on International Women's Day."