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McIlroy to hit 107 putts in US Open (Tuesday 13th June, 2017)

Irish golfer Rory McIlroy will hit 107 total putts in this weekend's US Open, according to traders at Sporting Index.

The winner of the 2011 US Open announced this week he is set to compete in this years tournament at Erin Hills with his new red TaylorMade Spider Tour putter - the first time the club will be used in competitive play.

Rory currently averages 112.8 putts per 72 holes but traders at the lead spread-betting firm estimate that McIlroy will be better off with his new stick and take just 107 strokes on the green at Erin Hills. This would see McIlroy putt an average 1.49 times, compared to his current average of 1.73, over four rounds, teeing him up nicely for a crack at winning the trophy.

Ed Fulton, trading spokesman for Sporting Index, said: "Rory McIlroy will be hoping that the Spider Tour putter will bring him a bit more luck at this year's US Open compared to his last outing, which saw him crash out after just two rounds."

"Major tournaments arguably tend to be won and lost on the greens, so all eyes will be on Rory's putting technique as he seeks to claim the second US Open title of his career. We predict he'll hit a total of 107 putts, which on average would be a decent score if he is to mount a serious challenge for this year's title."