September 2019


Johnson to gain clear majority if calling an election 

Monday 2nd September, 2019 Sporting Index believe Boris Johnson has the chance to win an absolute majority in Parliament of 28 by calling a snap General Election.  
Speculation has intensified over the PM triggering a General Election ahead of Parliament sitting again on Tuesday and the latest view from the spread betting firm is that Boris would be foolish not to. 
Sporting Index expect the Tories to increase their number of seats by 21 to 239, while the number of Labour representatives in the Commons could be slashed by 46 to just 216 MPs. Just seven more than the 209 won in 1983 election following Michael Foot's 'longest suicide note in history' manifesto.  
The Liberal Democrats would pick up an extra 27 seats if a snap election were to be called according to the political traders.  
Phil Fairclough, trading spokesmen for Sporting Index, said: “We firmly believe in the 'Boris Bounce' and expect the Conservatives to secure a healthy parliamentary majority of 28 if a PM calls a snap election.  
“Though Jeremy Corbyn is airing plenty of fighting talk, it's grim reading for Labour who we think will slump to a low of just 216 seats if the UK went to the polls.“  


Spread bettors expect a 'Corbyn Crash' to just 216 seats  

Wednesday 4th September, 2019 – Sporting Index believe Jeremy Corbyn will lead Labour to their worst General Election result since Michael Foot's 'longest suicide note in history' manifesto of 1983. 
The Political spread betting experts have priced Labour seats at 216. Just seven more then in '83, meaning they'd surrender 46 seats with all gains expected to go to the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.  
Despite the Brexit deal battle that Boris Johnson faces, which saw 21 rebel Tory MPs refuse to back a no-deal bill last night. Sporting Index expect the Tories to secure an absolute majority with 339 seats if the UK went to the polls.  
The Liberal Democrats are tipped to take 39 seats - an upsurge of 27 - should a general election go through.
Phil Fairclough, trading spokesmen for Sporting Index, said: Despite last night's loss in Parliament, we still think Boris Johnson will be able to push through a snap election and it couldn't come at a much worse time for Labour.“  
“While the 'Boris Bounce' could see the Tories take an absolute majority at the next election with 339 seats. We think Labour are set for a 'Corbyn Crash' and could slump to just 216.“  


Smith at the Wicket for another 150 minutes  

Thursday 5th September, 2019 – Sporting Index believe Steve Smith will face another 100 balls and hold his place at the crease for a further 150 minutes from the start of play in day two of the fourth ashes test.   
The spread betting experts have predicted the Australian will continue his ruthless form at Old Trafford, which could hand the Aussies a crucial advantage in the final stages of the series.  
Neville Burdock, head of trading for Sporting Index, said: “Steve Smith has been England's nemesis for what seems an eternity now and we predict he'll continue to frustrate the bowlers at Old Trafford today.   
“He steadied the ship yesterday for the Aussies and we predict he'll face another 100 balls in Manchester today. We also expect Smith to occupy the crease for a further 150 minutes at the start of today's play which, if he does, could put a real dent in England's hopes of reclaiming the Ashes.“   



1,355 touchdowns and 1,260 sacks for upcoming NFL season 

Thursday 5th September, 2019 – The upcoming NFL regular season will see 1,355 touchdowns, 1,260 sacks and 15 kicks returned for touchdowns according to spread betting firm Sporting Index.
The season gets underway with the Chicago Bears facing off against the Green Bay Packers at Solider Field and the Sporting Index traders have already predicted a total of 1,355 total touchdowns during the regular season - a decrease of 16 from last year.  
The Bears will be hoping to pick up where they left off defensively. Leading the way in interceptions last season with 27, and the traders are predicting a team will match that number again this campaign. 
The Kansas City Chiefs were last season's highest scorers, with a total of 565 points. But the spread betting experts are predicting that the upcoming regular season will see the highest scorers pick up slightly less than this, this 555 points expected.  
There were 1,281 sacks in the regular season in 2018/19 and the spread betting experts expect another bruising season with 1,260 total sacks forecasted for this year. 


Sporting Index traders cheer every run hit by Aussie right-hander 

Thursday 5th September, 2019 England fans have been dealt a punishing blow by Steve Smith at Old Trafford this afternoon, but Sporting Index are popping the corks on the trading floor.  
The leading sports spread betting company were netting around £250 with every run that smith hit since lunch. Thanks to a host of clients deciding to 'sell' the Aussie's runs prediction of just 52.  
Any brave punters who decided to sell Smith's runs at 52 before he walked out to the middle lost 159 times (211-52) their stake and Smith's final runs total of 211 has helped edge Sporting Index over the £50,000 mark for the day.  
Neville Burdock, head of trading at Sporting Index, said: “Steve Smith's double century won't be the most popular sporting moment of 2019 in England but our traders were certainly cheering him on.  
“Thankfully for us, the biggest position for our punters was to sell Smith's runs at an initial quote of 52. Had it been the other way round, we would have been coughing up a handsome sum!  
“Every run that Smith hit this afternoon helped fill up the coughers and, despite the major blow to England's Ashes hopes, we've had a very good afternoon, finishing £50,000 to the good.“  


Dramatic eight-goal Kosovo clash hits traders for £50,000 

Wednesday 11th September, 2019 Sporting Index are counting up the cost of last night's goal glut between England and Kosovo, with both Sterling Assist Minutes and Total Shirt Numbers costing them £50,000 alone.  
With the net bulging no less than eight times at St Mary's, Total Shirt Numbers - a market that adds up the numbers of all scorers on the night - was originally quoted at 32 but made up 99, leaving buyers of the spread receiving 67 times their stake.

The other expensive market on the night, costing around £20,000 overall, was Sterling Assist Minutes. The Man City forward created three goals, blowing Sporting Index's quote of 25 out of the water and making up an eventual 108, meaning buyers were raking 83 times their stake.

Neville Burdock, Head of Trading at Sporting Index, said: “Spread betting is all about taking a side, so when you have a match that strays markedly away from the norm like last night's action-packed encounter between England v Kosovo there's always a chance of some big payouts.“ 


Boris' proroguing to cost Tories

Thursday 12th September, 2019 Sporting Index have taken the decision to significantly rejig their spread on the result of the next General Election based on the past few days at Westminster.  
The 'Boris Bounce' was expected to result in the Conservative party taking 339 seats when the idea of a snap election was considered at the start of the month, but little more than a week later and the political traders believe Johnson will only be able to lead his party to a very narrow victory.  
In fact, the Tories will have their number of MPs sitting in the Commons reduced to just 304, two less than the number of seats won when forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats in 2010.   
Labour will slump to 224 seats, their lowest since the infamous 1983 General Election where the left-wing party's manifesto was dubbed 'he longest suicide note in history' though still eight seats better than the trader's original quote of 216..   
Phill Fairclough, trading spokesperson for Sporting Index, said: “We originally thought that the 'Boris Bounce' would lift the Tories to a convincing election win if the PM were to call an election. However, it's been a tough week of government defeats and the proroguing of Parliament has drawn plenty of negative attention.“  


Tyson to down Otto in the eigth 

Friday 13th September, 2019Sporting Index are expecting eight rounds of entertainment from Tyson Fury when he shares the ring with Otto Wallin in the early hours of Sunday morning.  
The former heavyweight world champion has obvious claims of coming out on top against his little-known opponent this weekend and the boxing traders believe The Gypsy King will have thing wrapped up in 24 minutes, tempting those who fancy something a bit more explosive from Fury in the early rounds to sell.  
Neville Burdock, Head of Trading at Sporting Index, said: “Tyson Fury should have the measure of Otto Wallin but we've seen before that he tends to do more dodging and weaving than big hitting in these sort of contests.  
“We're expecting Fury to use the opening rounds to find his feet before turning up the heat on the Swede and landing the knockout below in the eighth.“  

285 Goals in Champions League 19/20 

385 goals, 1240 corners and 43 penalties to be converted in bumper Champions League campaign 

Tuesday 17th September, 2019 This season's Champions League will see 385 goals, 1240 corners and 43 successful penalty kicks according to spread betting firm Sporting Index.  
The first gameweek gets underway with some blockbuster matches, including PSG facing 13-time winners Real Madrid and the Sporting Index traders have already predicted this season's goal tally will reach 385, which is 19 more than last season.  
After it's introduction last year, VAR can be expected to play another important part in deciding the destination of the famous trophy and Sporting Index are predicting this season will see a record-breaking 43 penalties converted. There will also be 64 headed goals and 13 own goals according to the spread betting firm.  
Neville Burdock, Head of Trading at Sporting Index, said: “Given the introduction of VAR, we think there'll be 19 more goals than the 2018/19 UCL campaign and a record 43 penalties before the trophy is lifted in Istanbul in May.“  

Japan: 2nd Highest Scoring World Cup 

Japan to be second highest scoring RUGBY World Cup of all time 

Thursday 30th September, 2019Sporting Index expect the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan to see 2,560 points racked up over the next six weeks, around 300 less than 2003 tournament in Australia but more then any other RWC.  
That figure will be reached after 306 tries, 187 penalties, 231 conversions, 10 penalty tries and just seven drop goals, according to the leading sports betting firm.  
127 kicks will go sailing wide of the posts in the Land of the Rising Sun, while Sporting Index also expect there to be four red cards over the course of the 48 matches.  
England's total tournament points are priced at 209, 76 more than when experiencing a premature exit from the 2015 RWC, and champions New Zealand are fancied to notch 290 points en route to a fourth title.  
Neville Burdock, Head of Trading at Sporting Index, said: “The 2019 Rugby World Cup is set to be one of the most exciting ever, with many teams harbouring genuine ambitions of lifting the Webb Ellis Cup on November 2nd.  
“With teams having to battle through humid Japanese conditions, there should be plenty of space as players tire, leading to bumper try haul of over 300.“  

Opening Haka to be 1m 38Secs Long 

New Zealand's opening Haka of RWC2019 to be 1m 38Secs long 

Friday 20th September, 2019 Sporting Index expect New Zealand's first Haka of the 2019 Rugby World Cup to last for one minute and 38 seconds when they take to the field this weekend.  
South Africa will face up to the All Blacks on the half-way line on Saturday morning and the leading sports betting firm think Kieran Read will spearhead the side's Maori dance for over 90 seconds.  
Neville Burdock, Head of Trading at Sporting Index, said: “The 2019 Rugby World Cup is officially underway and New Zealand versus South Africa is definitely one of he standout fixtures for the opening weekend, if not the most highly anticipated match of the whole tournament.  
“The Springboks will no doubt have to contend with an intimidating Haka before the game and we expect ta daunting duration of one minute and 38 seconds' worth of the ancient Maori dance.“  

4 Prem Teams to Exit Carabao Cup 

Four Premier League teams set for third round Carabao Cup exit 

Tuesday 24th September, 2019 – Sporting Index expect four Premier League sides to be knocked out of the Carabao Cup in tonight and tomorrow's third round matches.  
A total of 16 top-flight teams will bid to make the fourth round of the tournament, with only one all-Premier League match taking place as Aston Villa travel to face Brighton.  
Elsewhere, Southampton head to Fratton Park to take on bitter rivals Portsmouth for the first time in over seven years, while Manchester United will hope to avoid a repeat of last year's third round exit when they host Rochdale at Old Trafford tomorrow.  
Last year's third round saw six Premier League teams knocked out - four at the hands of fellow top-flight teams - while Burnley and Manchester United were shocked by League One's Burton Albion and Championship outfit Derby County, respectively.  
Neville Burdock, Head of Trading at Sporting Index, said: “The League Cup tends to throw up a few surprises, and with 16 Premier League sides in action tonight and tomorrow, we think we'll see a quarter of those teams exit the competition.  

Johnson till 2020? 

General Election Held in 82 Days 

Thursday 26th September, 2019 – Despite the pressure Boris Johnson finds himself under following the recent Supreme Court ruling, Sporting Index still believe the Prime Minister will last another 157 days at No.10.  
The Conservative leader was ruled to have acted unlawfully by proroguing Parliament and stopping MPs from carrying out their duties ahead of the Brexit deadline, which led to calls for him to step down amongst opposition parties and the general public.  
However, the political experts at Sporting Index believe JoBo will survive the current onslaught and lead for another 157 days - which would take him to 1st March 2020 in office.  
And as rumours continue to circulate that a General Election will take place before the end of the year, Sporting Index have predicted the vote will be held on the 17th December - 82 days from now.  
Phil Fairclough, Trading Spokesmen for Sporting Index, said: “It's been a week to forget for Boris Johnson as the PM has been pressured from all corners to resign following the Supreme Court's ruling, however we think he'll survive this scare to lead for another 157 days.