Value Of Bale Infographic

It's been Bale this and Bale that, this summer. But will Real Madrid be taking a risk if they reach deep into their pocket and snap up the Spurs star? 

Gareth Bale Infographic

Who Do You Think You Are?  Stop Acting Like Some Kind Of Star

Bale - £85 million anticipated world record transfer fee

Bale’s club career CV at point of potential transfer away from Tottenham:

Domestic League Titles = 0

Domestic Cups = 0 

European Trophies = 0

Other Trophies = 0

Number of Total Trophies, Titles and Cups = 0

Compared with:

Ronaldo - £80 million current world record transfer fee (valued today at £94 million with inflation)

Ronaldo’s club career CV at point of transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid:

Domestic League Titles = 3

Domestic Cups = 4

European Trophies = 1

Other Trophies = 1

Number of Total Trophies, Titles and Cups = 9

Number of games Bale played in 2012/2013 season: 52

Number of goals Bale scored in 2012/2103 season: 31

Number of assists Bale scored in 2012/2013 season: 17

Number of games Ronaldo played in 2012/2013 season: 64

Number of goals Ronaldo scored in 2012/2013 season: 59

Number of assists Ronaldo scored in 2012/2013 season: 17

£1.7 million = The value of each of Bale’s 50 goals (scored over the last 3 seasons) based upon an anticipated transfer fee of £85 million (and compared to the big forward signings of the Summer

Cost to club per goal (£m)

Bale - £1.7m per goal

Higuain £0.59 m per goal (transfer Real Madrid to Napoli for £34.5m) at 58 goals

Cavani £0.53 m per goal (transfer Napoli to PsG for £55m) at 104 goals

Ronaldo £0.48m per goal at 168 goals

Falcao £0.48m per goal (transfer Atletico Madrid to Monaco for £51m) at 107 goals

Neymar £0.45m per goal (transfer Santos to Barcelona for £48.6m) at 109 goals

Soldado - £0.32 m per goal (transfer Valencia to Tottenham for £26m) at 81 goals

Negredo - £0.28m per goal (transfer Sevilla to Manchester City for £20m) at 71 goals

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