Sporting Index's cricket batsmen spread betting

With hundreds of volatile markets to trade, cricket is one of the most popular – and potentially exciting – sports for spread betting at Sporting Index.

What better way to enjoy the thrill of a Test, ODI or T20 than by taking a position on how an individual player will perform with the bat?

When it comes to the men in the middle there are plenty of views to take – let’s have a look at some of the options.

This is a simple judgement on how well – or badly – a player is going to do over the course of an innings, a match or an entire series, in terms of the number of runs that they will score.

Let’s say England are playing Australia and take Joe Root as an example. If Sporting Index quote 33-38 for his first innings runs and he is out for 23, buyers would lose 15 times their stake, while sellers would gain 10 times theirs.

Batsmen Fifty-Ups

In this market, one point is awarded for every run scored over 50. For example, if Hashim Amla scores 79 for South Africa against West Indies, the result of his 50-Ups is 29.

Batsmen Ton-Ups

Using the same mechanism as 50-Ups but for players who score more than a century. Here, one point is awarded for every run scored over 100. For example, if David Warner hits 119 for Australia against India, the market settles at 19 Ton-Ups.

Batsmen Ton Or Bust

Ton Or Bust is similar to the Ton-Ups market, the difference being it awards a 100-point bounty for a batter scoring a century, which makes it higher risk.

Where a player scores a century or more one point per run is awarded to this player, plus 100 points for reaching treble figures. For example, if Alastair Cook records an innings of 95 against New Zealand, the make up is zero points. An innings of 122, however, would be 122 points.

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