What cricket series bets can I have?

As well as betting on one-off matches, you can place cricket spread bets on the outcome of a series such as Tests and One Day Internationals, World Cups, or domestic competition’s such as the County Championship.

This allows spread bettors to take a longer-term view of the game over a few weeks or months, or during the course of a season. These are updated regularly.

The most popular cricket series markets are:

Player Runs/Wickets

These markets allow you to be with or against a particular player during the course of the competition, depending on whether you think they will score runs or take wickets - or not.

If you think a batsman will score more runs than our traders estimate, you buy at the higher level of our prediction, but if you think they’ll struggle you sell at the lower level.

Likewise, if you think a bowler will take more or less wickets than the number we’ve quoted, you can test your prediction against our one.

For example, in a three match Test Series we might predict that Ian Bell will score 200-210 runs.

If he then hits scores of 46, 59, 21, 23, 0 and 101 in the three matches, his total runs add up to 250.

Had you gone high (bought) at 210 you would have made 40 times your stake: (250 - 210) x your stake. But if he had only managed a total of 180 runs, the same bet would have lost you 30 times your stake: (180 - 210) x your stake.

Highest Innings Score and Lowest Innings Score

These two markets are based on the highest/lowest number of runs either side will score in an innings during the course of a competition.

For example, during a Test Series we might predict that the highest innings score from either team will be 480 - and set our spread at 470-490. If you believe that’s too low you would buy at 490 for the stake of your choice.

If one team notches 530 in a Test and this proves to be the highest total of the series, this bet would reward you with 40 times your stake: (530 - 490) x your stake.

But if the batsmen struggle throughout the series and the highest total is only 440, you would have lost 50 times your stake. (440 - 490 = 50) x your stake.

The same principle applies for lowest innings score.

50/100 Ups:

This market is based on the combined number of runs scored by an individual batsman over and above 50/100, in a competition.

For example, if a player scored three centuries in a series with totals of 101, 109 and 121, then Series 100 ups would make-up at 31 (1+9+21=31).

Total 4s/6s/run-outs/wides:

The total number of 4s, 6s, run-outs or wides during a series.

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