What is cricket supremacy spread betting?

One of the simplest cricket spread betting markets is a Supremacy spread bet. Put simply, this is one team’s dominance over another expressed in runs and wickets.

Instead of betting on the result of a match - the home team to win, the away team to win, or the match being drawn - you can bet on the margin of victory.

For a Supremacy spread bet in cricket, the winning margin is based on either one point per run won by or 10 points per wicket won by.

For example, our traders may quote Australia over England with a Supremacy price of 20-30 in a One Day International. If the Aussies beat England by 70 runs, the market will make-up at 70 - with your winnings being calculated at 40 x your stake if you had bought at 30.

If England won by one wicket, however, the market would make-up at -10, with a buy at 30 resulting in a loss of 40 x your stake.

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