In-Play Cricket Betting


Do Sporting Index offer in-play cricket betting?

There is no better sport for spread betting than cricket - and it comes into its own in-play. Before each match our trading team will predict all manner of markets, such as how many runs a team or batsman will score, or how many wides it will concede or wickets he will take.

These spreads are updated after every ball and will fluctuate depending on factors including run-rate, wickets lost, or even weather conditions. This allows spread bettors to pit their cricketing knowledge against ours during any time of the match.

The most popular in-play cricket markets are:

Fall of Next Wicket

This market gives you the opportunity to challenge our prediction of the score when the next wicket falls.

Here's an illustration. With England at 70 for 2 on a seaming pitch, we might forecast that the fall of the next wicket will be approximately 30 runs later. As a result our prediction would be 98-102.

If, on the other hand, you believe England will build a decent third wicket partnership, you buy at 102 runs, for the stake of your choice. But if England lose their third wicket the very next ball with the score still on 70 you will lose 32 times your stake (70 - 102) x your stake. Alternatively, if England put on a further 62 runs for the third wicket, you will make 30 times your stake: (132 - 102) x your stake.

Session Runs

For this market we predict the number of runs that will be scored in each session of a Test match.

As an example we might predict that 78-82 runs will be scored in the second session of play (lunch until tea). With the lunchtime score at 70 for 1 and the weather set fair, you may believe that batting would become easier in the second session, so might bet high (buy) at 82, for the stake of your choice.

If 102 runs are scored in the second session you will be proved right. If you go high at 82 you will win 20 times your stake: (102 - 82) x your stake. But if a couple of wickets fall and only 70 runs are scored in the second session, you will lose 12 times your stake: (70 - 82) x your stake.

Win Index

This market awards 25 points to the winning team of a Test match, 10 points to both teams for a draw and 0 points for a loss. You can bet on either team to perform better or worse than our prediction. This market is updated as the match progresses.

For example, at the start of a Test match between England and New Zealand, we might price England at 16-17.5 on the Win Index.

If you think England justify this favouritism you bet high at 17.5 for your chosen stake, in this case if England confirm your view and go on to win the match they would be awarded 25 points and New Zealand 0 points. If you buy at 17.5 you would make 7.5 times your stake. But if you sell England at 16 then you will lose 9 times your stake.

New Zealand, on the other hand, might be priced at 5-6.5 at the start of the same Test. If you Buy at 6.5 it would be important to note that both a draw and a New Zealand win would be profitable for you.

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