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What Bookings Markets Football Spread Bets Are There?

Football spread betting encompasses all aspects of the game and Sporting Index offers a range of markets on incidents within a match.

Football Bets On Yellow Cards And Red Cards

The simplest bookings market is on the number of yellow and red cards in match. For every yellow card shown 10pts are awarded and for every red card 25pts.

For a match between Arsenal and Manchester United Sporting Index might set the spread at 48-52. If there were six yellow cards and one red card then the make-up would be 85.

Different Types Of Bookings Markets

Sporting Index also offers individual Team Bookings Points, Bookings Supremacy, and Time of the First Red Card, as well as football spread betting markets on the number of bookings points after certain points in the game. For example, Bookings Points 30-Ups = 1pt is awarded per booking point over 30. So three yellow cards and one red card = 55 bookings points. Bookings 30-Ups result = 25.

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