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What football spread betting goals markets are available?

Football spread betting allows you to spread bet on a wide range of different goal markets and excitement is guaranteed whether or not the match is high-scoring.

Total Match Goals

This market is based on the total number of goals scored in any given match by both teams.

Sporting Index might predict a match will yield 2.8-3.0 goals. Therefore, spread bettors that think the game will be high-scoring would buy at 3.0 for the stake of your choice, in this case, £50 a goal.

If the game finished 4-1, the total goals scored in the game would be 5. Had you bought Total Goals at 3.0 you would have made 2 times your stake: (5 - 3.0) x your stake = 2 x £50 = £100. But if the game had finished 0-0, spread buyers would have lost 3 times their stake: (0 - 3.0) x your stake = -3 x £50 = -£150.

Total Goal Minutes

The total aggregate time of all goals scored in a game.

A match in which goals are scored in the 44th and 82nd minute would make up 126 total goal minutes.

In a game Sporting Index might predict 125-135 Total Goal Minutes. If three goals came in the 7th, 23rd and 90th minutes the result would be 120 minutes. Had you sold Total Goal Minutes at 125 for the stake of your choice, let’s say £1 a minute you would have won five times your stake, (125 - 120) x your stake = 5 x £1 = £5.

But if Total Goal Minutes had added up to 134, the same bet would have lost you 9 times your stake: (125 - 134) x your stake = -9 x £1 = -£9.

Goalscorer Shirt Numbers

The aggregate number of shirt numbers for all the goalscorers in a match. For example, a 1-1 draw with players wearing shirt numbers 14 and 10 scoring the goals would result in Shirt Numbers making up 24 points.

For a match between Everton and Liverpool, we might price Shirt Numbers at 36-39. So if you expect several goals you would buy at 39 for the stake of your choice, let’s say £10 a point.

If Everton were to win the game 2-1, with number 7 scoring both goals for Everton and shirt number 10 netting Liverpool's goal, the final result would be 24 points (7 + 7 + 10).

Spread bettors who bought Shirt Numbers at 39 would have lost 15 times their stake, in this case £10 per point: (39 - 24) x your stake = 15 x £10 = -£150. But if spread bettors had sold at 36, the same bet would have won them 12 times their stake: (36 - 24) x their stake = 12 x £10 = £120.

Sporting Index cover many leagues in which players regularly wear numbers up to 99 which can make for a thrilling 90 minutes if spread betting on this market.

Time of First Goal

This football spread betting market is a prediction on the time of the first goal in a match. The maximum result is 90 minutes (injury-time does not count).

Sporting Index also offers team specific time of first goal markets. So punters can buy or sell the Time of First Goal minute by either team, as well as the match as a whole.

Player Goal Minutes

The aggregate number of total minutes of all the goals scored by an individual player in a match.

If a player fails to score the make-up is 0 minutes and goals in injury-time either count as 45, if it’s in first-half stoppage time, or 90 if it’s in second-half stoppage time. Goals scored in the 63rd and 87th minute, for example, would mean a make-up of 150.

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