Group Of Games Football Bets


Multiple or accumulator bets have always been  popular with football bettors and Sporting Index have a number of football markets that allow you to place spread bets on groups of games.

Below are a number of our most popular group of games football markets with brief explanations of how they work.


This is a market on the prediction of goals scored by selected home teams and the away teams expressed as a supremacy spread.

So if there was a packed fixture list of Premier League action on a Saturday with all 20 teams in action, traders might pitch the spread at 11.5-13.

Let’s imagine the home teams scored 33 goals in total and the away sides hit only 12, then the difference – the make-up of the market – would be 21. Those that bought at 13 in the above spread would therefore make 8 times their stake profit. Sellers at 11.5 would lose 9.5 times their stake.

Aggregate Total goals

This is a simple prediction on the total number of goals across a selection of matches. If there was four games in the Champions League one night then the spread for this market might be 7.5-9.

If the four games finished 1-1, 2-1, 3-2 and 1-0, then the market would make-up would be 11 and profits or losses would be calculated on whether spread bettors bought or sold at the original spread.

Aggregate Multi-Goals

This is a prediction on the total number of first half goals multiplied by the second half goals for a group of matches.

Sporting Index Bankers

Spread bettors can select three teams they think will win – or lose – from  a selection of matches and Sporting Index will offer a spread.

If all three teams win, they will be awarded 50 points. We also give 10 points to each team that scores four or more goals. Possible results = 0, 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 70, 80.

Other specials:

Red Mist

A prediction on the total number of red cards across a group of games.

Kick On!

A prediction on the cumulative winning margins across this group of games. Points are awarded on the following basis: Draw = 0pts; 1 goal victory = 10pts; 2 goal victory = 25pts; 3 goal victory = 50pts; 4 goal victory = 75pts; 5+ goal victory = 100pts.

Deadlock x 10

A prediction on the number of draws from a selection of number of matches x 10. So if there was eight selected matches and three draws, the make-up would be 30.

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