Finishing Position Bets


What is a Finishing Position golf spread betting market?

Our Finishing Positions market allows you to bet on where players will end up in the field.

For example, for The Open, we might have Tiger Woods at 21-24. If you think he will finish higher than 21st you would sell as you expect his final makeup to be worth lower than the quoted price of 21. If you thought he would have a shocker and finish below 24th, you would instead buy.

If you sold at 21 and Woods went on to finish second that would be fully 19 places above what you sold at, meaning a profit of 19 times your stake. However if he finished 30th and you had sold, that would be a loss of 9 times your stake.

Dead heat rules apply if players are tied. For example, if Woods shared 10th place with Justin Rose, then they would both make up 10.5 (10 + 11 / 2 = 10.5).

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