Sporting Index's in-play golf spread betting

Sporting Index offer an array of markets on golf straight after tee-off that gives spread bettors a truly unrivalled, unique and immersive betting experience.

Golf lends itself perfectly for in-play betting as you watch the action unfold over the tournament. Two of Sporting Index’s most popular in-play spread betting markets are the Leaderboard index and Supremacy markets. A key benefit of betting in-play is that you can see with your own eyes how someone is handling the course.

If you know a golfer has struggled previously on the front nine, but finishes strongly, you can see if they negotiate the opening exchanges well before supporting your player with an in-play bet.

The Leaderboard index lets customers predict where one of the field will finish the tournament. Points are awarded to players depending on how they perform during the competition. Should your chosen player win the tournament then they would receive 60 points. Second place gets 40 points, third, 30 points, fourth, 25 points, fifth, 20 points, sixth, 15 points, seventh, 10 points and eighth, 5 points.

If your selected player finishes outside the top eight, they would be given zero points. Sporting Index’s spreads are updated in real-time and are tradable in-play, which means there are a plethora of opportunities to trade out of your bet, either to secure a profit or reduce a potential loss.

For example, Sporting Index have priced Dustin Johnson’s Leaderboard index at 8-11. A buy at 11 would return 49 times your stake if he won, as he would be allocated 60 points. Missing the cut, or finishing ninth or worse, would result in 0 points and therefore a loss of 11 times your stake.

Individual matches are another great way for punters to enjoy in-play betting on golf.

18 hole matches pit players against one another on each day of a tournament. The winner in the pair receives 10 points, plus an additional 3 points per shot won by.

Sporting Index might price the 18 hole match as 5-8 in Dustin Johnson’s favour over Lee Westwood.

If Johnson finished the round in 68 shots and Westwood could only manage 70 shots, the make-up would be 16: 10 points for winning plus 6 for doing so by two clear shots.

If a punter had bought Johnson’s supremacy at 8 it would result in a profit of 8 times that stake. 16 – 8 = 8.

In the case of Westwood shooting 70 compared to Johnson’s 74, it would result in a loss. This market would make up 22 in the Englishman’s favour: 10 points for winning plus 12 for doing so by four shots.

A buy of Johnson’s supremacy at 8 in this case would see a loss of 30 times your stake.

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