Index Based Golf Bets


Sporting Index offers a number of different spread betting golf index markets

Index spread betting awards points depending on where players finish in a tournament. This means bettors know exactly how much they stand to win, or lose, when they place their bet. Below are a number of our most popular golf index markets, along with an explanation of how they work.

Leaderboard Index

Sporting Index traders make a prediction on where every player in a golf tournament will finish. The points awarded, and the finishing positions that points are given down to, depend on the nature of the tournament and the size of the field. But as an example, for a typical PGA Tour event, points will be awarded as: 1st = 60 points, 2nd = 40 points, 3rd = 30 points, 4th = 25 points, 5th = 20 points, 6th = 15 points, 7th= 10 points and 8th = 5 points. If Rory McIlroy was trading at 23-26 then buyers would need him to finish at least third to make a profit. Anything less would result in a loss. Winning and losses go up or down the better or worse McIlroy finishes.

5-Pay Index

This is an index that awards points only to the top five finishers in a tournament. Consequently, this index award more points as there are less finishers in the market. Typically the market settles as: 1st = 120pts, 2nd = 20pts, 3rd = 20pts, 4th = 20 pts and 5th = 20pts.

Wire-to-wire Leaderboard Index

This is a cumulative spread on a player being top of the leaderboard for all four rounds of a golf tournament. Points are generally awarded as follows: 1st Rd: 1st=20, 2nd=10, 3rd=5; 2nd Rd: 1st=40, 2nd=20, 3rd=10, 4th=5; 3rd Rd: 1st=60, 2nd=40, 3rd=20, 4th=10, 5th=5; and 4th Rd: Winner=100, 2nd=60, 3rd=40, 4th=20, 5th= 10, 6th=5. So for example, if Jim Furyk finishes his four rounds in 8th, 4th, 2nd and 1st, the make-up would be 145 (0+5+40+100).

Top Player Indexes

These are tournament indexes on a selection of top player markets. These might be the top European player, the top American player, the top past champion or the top big gun – a selection of the highest-ranked players. Generally, 50pts are awarded for being the top player in the group, 30pts to the 2nd player, 20pts to the 3rd player and 10pts to the 4th player. Dead-heats rules apply in the case of ties. To see all of Sporting index’s golf spread betting markets click here.

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