What Are Match Bets In Horse Racing?

This is a horse racing spread bet which concentrates on only two horses in a race, making the rest of the field irrelevant for the purposes of this bet.

Sporting Index picks two horses in a race and predicts what the distance will be between them when they cross the line. If you think one horse will beat another, then you can place a bet on this market and it doesn’t matter where in the field they finish - you are simply betting on the performance of one relative to the other. The maximum distance in a match bet on the Flat is 12 lengths, and 15 lengths over jumps. If only one horse finishes then maximum distance rules will apply.

We might pit Bobs Worth against Sir Des Champs in a match bet, with Bobs Worth favourite to finish ahead of Sir Des Champs by between 1-2 lengths.

If you thought Bobs Worth was likely to beat his rival you might buy him versus Sir Des Champs for £10 per length.

If Bobs Worth came home 7 lengths in front of Sir Des Champs and you had you gone high on the former at 2 lengths, then you would have made 5 times your stake (7 - 2 = 5) x your stake (£10) = £50.

However, if Sir Des Champs had finished 5 lengths in front of Bobs Worth, the same bet would have lost you 7 times your stake (5 lengths plus the 2 lengths you bought at): -5 - 2 = -7 x £10 = £70.

Note that it does not matter where the horses finish in the context of the race - it is simply the distance between them at the finish that counts.

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