What is an individual race index?

One of the most popular horse racing spread betting markets is the race index, where points are awarded to horses based on where they finish in an individual race.

The points structure varies according to how many runners there are in a race - for contests with 11 or fewer runners, points are awarded as follows: 1st = 50pts, 2nd = 25pts, 3rd = 10pts, any other place = 0pts. Races with 12 or more horses taking part score as follows: 1st = 50pts, 2nd = 30pts, 3rd = 20pts, 4th = 10pts, any other place = 0pts.

This market gives you the opportunity to back or oppose a horse, something which a traditional fixed-odds betting market does not offer.

Sporting Index might price up Bobs Worth at 13-16 points on the Race 50 Index. If you had fancied him to do well, you might buy at 16 for let’s say £2. If Bobs Worth went on to win the race he would be awarded 50pts. So, had you gone high at 16 you would have won 34 times your stake (50 - 16 = 34) x your stake (£2) = £68.

However, if Bobs Worth had finished out of the frame you would have been awarded 0pts and the same bet would have lost you 16 times your stake (0 - 16 =-16) x your stake (£2) = -£32.

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