New site features


New Site Features

The brand new Sporting Index website has a host of new features to help our clients when navigating the site. These include:

Market Filters

In order to help you find a market when you could be looking at a list of over 150 for any particular sporting event we have added a filtering tool. You can filter markets in 3 different ways using this tool when on a particular meeting page:

1. By Market Name Search

If for example you know that you are looking for market to do with "Rooney" then simply begin typing his name into the search box and the relevant markets will immediately start appearing in the middle section of the page.

Market Filtering Video


2.  By Market Risk

Using the market risk sliders allows you to only view markets based on how 'risky' they are. We define risk by the markets which are more likely to deviate massively either above or below or spread. So this is a good tool for you if you want to control how much potential swing there may be in your bet. Of course this is only our interpretation of the likely swing in the market, and this will vary as sport can often be unpredictable.

3. By Market Type

Using the check boxes you can filter and look at only the types of markets you are interested in betting on. e.g. if you only wanted to bet on bookings markets and corners, you would select those two check boxes from the filter on the right.

Partial Cash Out

Our new Partial Cash Out feature gives you greater control over your open positions and helps maintain the excitement of sports spread betting no matter the outcome.

The cash out button is colour coded to help you easily assess your open positions; green for profit, red for loss and grey for level.


Using Partial Cashout Video



However the action unfolds our partial cash out option lets you stay in control of your positions and enjoy the excitement of sports spread betting.

Recently Viewed

Our new Recently Viewed feature gives you quick and easy access to markets and meetings that you have recently viewed, no matter where you are on the site.

recently viewed

Super Menu Navigation

We've introduced our new Super Menu to help you quickly get right to the heart of the action.

super nav

Links that have a down arrow next to them will open up a menu with more options to help you get straight to the sport or event you want.

super nav all sports

You can use these to quickly get to our full offering of football categories as well as in-play matches and specials

super nav football

Or the race meetings and races we're covering on that day.

super nav racing

Open Bets Sorting

In order to give you greater control and enhance your betting experience we've introduced the ability to sort open bets in your bet slip.

sort bets

You can sort bets by date placed and by whether they are in profit or loss.

sort bet options

Quick Filter / Coupons

Our Quick Filter tool helps you quickly build a coupon of the meetings and markets you're interested in, helping you easily find the bets you want.

quick filter

Quick Deposit

Our Quick Deposit tool helps you easily deposit funds to your account so you can quickly get right to the heart of the action.

quick deposit


Our new Favourites feature gives you the ability to save your favourite sports and events and have them always available no matter where you are on the site.

The Favourites widget gives you easy access to your favourite sports and events.


You can edit your favourites at any time.

favourites edit

And you can easily add new favourites via the favourites window.

favourites add

Or by clicking the favourite star.

favourites star


Favourites Video



Spread Bet On Other Sports And Betting Markets

Spread Bet On Other Sports And Betting Markets