Boxing Spread Betting


We cover all major boxing fights, updating our prices in-play, to deliver the most exhilarating boxing betting out there.

Our main boxing spread betting markets

A prediction on how a boxer will perform in a match. Points are normally awarded as follows

Win by stoppage: 25 points

Win by decision: 10pts

Draw: 5pts

Loss: 0pts

With the scores above in mind, the spreads of the two fighters might look like this:

Fighter A - 9.5-11

Fighter B - 5-6.5

If Player A wins by knock-out, the make-up will be 25, meaning a profit of 14 times their stake for buyers at 11. However if Player A was beaten within the distance, then buyers would lose 11 times their stake (0 - 11 = -11).

Fight Minutes

A prediction on the total amount of time this fight lasts.

* For fights of 12 rounds, the Maximum = 36 minutes, Minimum = 1 minute.
* For fights of 10 rounds, the Maximum = 30 minutes, Minimum = 1 minute.

Note minutes are always rounded up to the nearest minute.

Total Rounds

A prediction on the total number of rounds in the match.

Stoppage Handicap

A prediction on when this fight will end. Points are awarded on the following basis: 25pts = Fight ends before Round 10; 10pts = Fight ends in Round 10; 0pts = Any other result.


You can also have a boxing spread bet on the method of victory in the match as well as bet on the winner of every round in the match.

See the full list of Sporting Index¿s boxing spread betting markets.

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