In-Play Rugby Betting


Sporting Index has a wide range of rugby markets that can be traded in-play as soon as the game kicks-off, offering spread bettors a truly unrivalled betting experience.

The two most popular in-play spread betting markets are match supremacy and total points.

Rugby Match Supremacy

Let’s say England are facing Wales at Twickenham in the opening round of the Six Nations and the hosts have taken the decision to introduce some youngsters ahead of the Rugby World Cup later in the year.

As a punter you like Eddie Jones’ approach, but want to wait to see how they perform on the biggest stage before taking a position on the game.

Before kick-off the match supremacy spread is 3-6 in England’s favour over Wales. The match supremacy lets customers predict how much you think one team will win or lose by.

After the first five minutes it’s clear to you that Lancaster’s bold call to refresh his starting XV has paid off as the Red Rose dominate all aspects of the clash.

Ten minutes into the fixture and you decide that the Red Rose are going to win this comfortably and buy at say 8 (the spread having risen after England’s strong start). Eventually the contest goes on to finish 30-10 at the final whistle.

Since you had bought England’s supremacy at 8 you have made an impressive 12 times your stake as the hosts won the game by 20 points. (20-8 = 14).

Sporting Index rugby traders react in real-time to how well a side is playing and adjust the supremacy accordingly.

Rugby Total Points

Total points is another market that spread bettors enjoy trading in-play. This is a prediction on the total number of points that will be scored in a chosen match.

Sporting Index rugby traders might have set the total points spread for the England v Wales game at 36-38. You are undecided on your position as you have heard there might be heavy rain during the game.

As it happens, the heavens open after 15 minutes and having seen the game develop into a defensive, kick-fest you take the option to sell points. The traders have also noted the weather and have lowered the points spread to 28-30 – you’re still keen to sell on the evidence you’ve seen.

In the end you were correct and the game finishes 12-10 to make a total of 22 points. If you had sold total points at 28, you would have made 6 times your stake (28 – 22 = 6). That said, let’s say the rain hadn’t come and the final score was 20-17. The total points would be 37 and you would have lost nine times your stake (37-28 = 9).

Sporting Index update the market prices in real-time according to how a rugby match develops.

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