What rugby spread betting supremacy markets are available?

One of the most popular rugby spread betting markets is our Match Supremacy market.

This is one side’s dominance over another expressed in terms of points.

For example, Sporting Index might quote England over Australia with a Supremacy price of 3-6.

If England beat Australia 20-8, a buy at 6 would have returned a profit of six times your stake (12 - 6 = 6).

On the other hand, if Australia beat England 12-5 then the supremacy price market will make-up -7. So a buy at 6 would end up being a loss of 13 times your stakes (-7 - 6 =-13).

Just like the vast majority of Sporting Index’s rugby betting markets, Supremacy markets can be traded in-play to allow spread bettors the opportunity to react and Cash Out bets during the contest to take a profit early or to limit losses.

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