Try Related Rugby Bets


First Match Try

The time, in minutes, of the opening try of the match scored by either side.

Sporting Index might quote the Time of First Try at 17-20.

Should the first try of the match arrive in the 10th minute, buyers at 20 would lose ten times their stake (20-10=10). Sellers at 17 would win seven times their stake (17-10 =7).

First Team Try

A prediction of the minute that a selected team first scores a try.

Player Try Minutes

An accumulative total of the try minutes of your selected player over the course of the match.

Should your chosen player score in the 10th and 80th minute then their Player Try Minutes make-up would be 90 (10 + 80 = 90).

If your selected player only scored in the 10th minute then their make-up would be 10.

Tryscorers’ Shirts

A prediction on the accumulative total of all the tryscorers’ shirt numbers over the match.

Sporting Index might quote the tryscorers’ shirt numbers at 50-54. If players with the numbers 11, 13, 24 and 31 crossed the line for a try the make-up would be 79.

Team Shirts

Like Tryscorer’s Shirts, but a prediction of the accumulative tryscorers’ shirt numbers of an individual team rather than the match as a whole.

Team Tries

A prediction on the number of the total number of tries one side will score.

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