Sports Spread Betting The Basics


What is sports spread betting?

At Sporting Index we make predictions on various aspects of sporting or topical events. You then decide whether that prediction has been pitched too high or too low. What you then win or lose depends on the stake you choose and how right or wrong you are. If you agree with our prediction, you wouldn’t bet.

Why do you quote two prices?

Our predictions are always in the form of two prices, a Buy price and a Sell price. You buy at the high price and sell at the low one. The range between the two prices is known as the spread. Example below.


How does spread betting differ from fixed odds betting?

With spread betting you can make better use of your sporting knowledge than with fixed odds. With fixed odds betting you have a simple ‘win or lose’ scenario and you know exactly how much you will win or lose as soon as you strike a bet. With spread betting, how much you win or lose is determined by how accurate you are. There are a lot more than just two scenarios with spread betting and the more right you are, the more you win. By the same token the more a result goes against you, the more you can lose.

For example, Sporting Index are offering a market on the number of corners in the Real Madrid v Manchester United game. Our prediction is 10.5 – 11. You decide there are going to be more than 11 corners, so you buy at 11 for £5.


Calculating Profit and Loss

In the previous example you bought corners at 11 for £5 a corner. This means that you require more than 11 corners in order to make a profit. When the match finishes, for every corner there has been above 11 you will make £5, for every corner below 11 you would lose £5. If the match ended with exactly 11 corners then you would neither win or lose any money.

After a very attacking game of football there ends up being 20 corners, 9 more than you bought at – so you win (20-11) 9 times your stake of £5 = £45.  

Learn more

To learn more about the excitement of Sports Spread Betting via the different markets we offer then why not check out our Most Popular Markets section . Or alternatively open a Demo account; after all the best way to learn is by doing.

A Demo Account allows you to watch an event and see how activity or lack of activity affects the price of the market you have bet on without any financial risk whatsoever. If something happens with a market you have bet on and you are unsure of why it happened, you can refer back to our Training Centre or contact our Customer Services team for assistance.

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