All Arrows Point to Darts Spread Betting

All Arrows Point to Darts Spread Betting: Why Darts Spreads Offer More Betting Depth

Few sports incite as much passion as darts and fans are liable to turn any match or tournament into a thrilling and colourful spectacle. All of that drama, intrigue and passion is dialled up several notches when you have money riding on the outcome, and spread betting provides you with a number of fantastic wagering options. You can choose from all manner of interesting darts spread betting indexes, with constantly updated markets as the season progresses, and a number of thrilling in-play options too.

Darts Spread Betting Basics

Perhaps the simplest darts spread betting market is the Outright Index, which is a prediction on who will win a particular tournament. We award 50 points to the winner of the Premier League, with 25 points going to the runner-up and 10 dished out to each beaten semi-finalist. You might see a spread of 33-35 on Michael van Gerwen to win yet another title, and you simply have to guess whether he can pull it off or not. If you reckon The Green Machine has what it takes to gun down his rivals, you would buy at 35.

If you wagered £5 per point and van Gerwen went on to win the trophy once again, picking up 50 points, you would make £75 profit (50 – 35 = 15 and 15 x £5 = £75). However, if he had an off day in the final and ended up losing, he would finish the tournament with 25 points and you would be down £50 (35 – 25 = 10 and 10 x £5 = £50). You therefore simply have to decide whether we have pitched our index too high or too low.

This bet is particularly exciting because it gives you a range of payout options. Let’s say you think Michael Smith will have a strong season, but you are unsure whether he can dethrone van Gerwen. You might see an index of 9-12 on him. If you buy at 12 for £5, and he goes on to win the Premier League, you make a profit of £190 (50 – 12 = 38 and 38 x £5 = £190). If he ends up finishing runner-up you would still get a profit of £65, and if he is a beaten semi-finalist you’d lose just £10. It is a bit like an each-way fixed odds bet, but it rewards players for getting further in a tournament. If you think a player will struggle, you sell at the lower price.

Take Darts Match Betting to the Next Level

As well as simply predicting the winner of a match, there are many more detailed markets available when spread betting on darts events.

One exciting option is Leg Supremacy spread betting, which allows you to speculate on how dominant one player will be over another in their match. We award the winner 10 points, plus 3 points for every leg that he wins by. This is a great option if there is a strong favourite and you wanted more potential value than just betting on the match winner.

Another option is to bet on the correct score of a match. Our traders will price up a spread for each possible score and you just choose the one you fancy. If you reckon van Gerwen will beat Daryl Gurney with relative ease in a best of 12 match, you might want to buy van Gerwen 7-2. You might see a spread of 19-25 on this outcome. If you correctly predict the score you get 100 points, and if incorrect you are left with 0. If you buy at 25 for £1 and it does indeed finish 7-2, you would get 100 points and make a profit of £75 (100 – 25 = 75 and 75 x £1 = £75). However, anything but that final score and you would be down £25 (25 – 0 = 25 and 25 x £1 = £25).

Totals Spread Betting Offers Countless Opportunities

One advantage of spread betting is that there are many options beyond just predicting the winner of a contest. Sometimes a match looks really tight, and you have an inkling as to whether it will be a high-quality contest or an underwhelming affair, but you are unsure who will emerge triumphant. That is where totals betting comes in. You can wager on the Total Legs in a match, the Total Number of 180s, the Highest Checkout and many more options.

This really helps ramp up the excitement you feel when watching the darts, because you retain an interest in every contest, from start to finish, and it turns every throw into an exciting moment full of promise. It really is a great option when wanting to turn each match and tournament into an even more thrilling occasion, so check out all our darts spread betting options and get involved in the action.

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