An Introduction to Football Spread Betting

Football Spread Betting: An Introduction

Spread betting is the perfect way to dial up the excitement when watching a big football match. You can choose from hundreds of intriguing pre-match and live betting options that have the power to transform even the dreariest of games into exhilarating affairs. You might have heard that spread betting is a complicated pursuit, but that could not be further from the truth. Sporting Index aim to make spread betting on football simple, fun and thrilling, so read on to learn more about why it is so popular among seasoned punters and newcomers alike.

There are several key differences between traditional, fixed odds betting and spread betting. The former simply entails placing a wager and waiting to see whether you win or lose, but the latter involves a number of intriguing permutations. Let’s say you fancy Liverpool to beat West Ham in a big Premier League clash. You could place a fixed-odds bet on the Reds taking all three points, but you might find it more exciting to look at your football spread betting options.

One such option is the football supremacy index. You might see Liverpool given a supremacy spread of 1.15-1.35 against the Hammers. This means our traders predict they will win by between one and two goals. You can then choose to either buy at 1.35 if you think they will secure a convincing victory, or sell at 1.15 if you think they will struggle. If you buy for £10 at 1.35 and Liverpool go on to win 4-0, you would make a profit of £26.50. The winning margin would be 4, so the market would settle 2.65 points ahead of the price you bought at, and this is then multiplied by your stake to calculate your profit (4 – 1.35 = 2.65 and 2.65 x £10 = £26.50).

However, if they only won 2-1, for example, you would be down £3.50, as the winning margin (one goal) would be 0.35 below the price you bought at. But on the other side of the coin if you sell at 1.15 for £10 and the game ends 1-1, you would make £11.50 profit as the winning margin would be zero. However if Liverpool were to win by two clear goals you would incur a loss of £8.50. The beauty of spread betting is that it keeps you engrossed in the action until the final whistle is blown.

If you placed a fixed-odds bet on Liverpool to win, your interest might wane if they go 3-0 up. But if you bought on the supremacy spread, you would be willing them on to score a fourth goal as it could significantly boost your profits.

A World of Football Punting Possibilities

You are by no means confined to simply predicting the result of a particular match. Sometimes you are unsure who will win, but you feel like it will be a high-scoring encounter. This is where Total Goals betting comes in. If Arsenal are playing Leicester and you think it will be a goal fest, you could simply place a fixed-odds bet on over 2.5 goals. However, choosing a Total Goals spread can seriously ramp up the excitement.

You might see the spread pitched at 2.9-3.1 goals for this game. If you buy at 3.1 for £50 and it finishes 4-2 to Arsenal you would make a profit of £145, as the total of six goals would leave you 2.9 over the price you bought at, and 2.9 multiplied by £50 equals £145. But if it finished 1-1, you would be down £55, so you just have to judge how strong you think each team looks in defence and attack. If you place a fixed-odds bet on over 2.5 goals, the excitement would ultimately die down once the third goal flew in, but with a football spread you will remain riveted to the action, as each additional goal could potentially boost your profits.

You can also predict when the first goal will go in, or the second goal. We might give you a spread of 31.5-34.5 for the first goal, and you buy or sell depending on how eventful you think the first half will be. You can alternatively bet on when a particular team’s first, second or third goal will go in, or the last goal in the game, or the winning goal. There are also plenty of similar options when it comes to corners and bookings. These bets are great, because you do not need to predict who will win the game and you can still enjoy all the pleasure of spread betting.

Unique Football Betting Options

There are a number of captivating indexes that really make football spread betting a unique proposition. One such unique market is the Shirt Numbers index, which involves betting on the aggregate shirt numbers of all the goal scorers in a game. You might see a Shirt Numbers spread of 37-40 on a match between Manchester City and Tottenham. If you sell at 37 and the game ends up goalless, you will earn 37 times your stake. If it is just 1-0 and the only goal is scored by number five, Jan Vertonghen, you will make 32 times your stake. However, if say number 23 Christian Eriksen and number 17 Kevin De Bruyne both scored in a 1-1 draw, sellers would lose three times their stake because the market would settle at 40 (23 + 17).

If you buy at 40 and number 26, Riyad Mahrez, bangs in a hat-trick in a 3-0 Manchester City win, you will be in line for a hefty profit with the market settling on 78, but if Mahrez was the only scorer in a tense 1-0 City win you would lose fourteen times your stake because the settle price of 26 is 14 below the 40 point buy price.

Total Goal Minutes is another market worth exploring. This is a prediction on the aggregate total of minutes at which the goals are scored in a particular game: if it is 1-1 and the goals are scored in the 16th minute and the 82nd, the final total would be 98. You might see a spread of 150-160. If you sell at 150, you will hope for a quiet second half, but if you buy at 160 and a few late goals are scored you will be jumping up and down in celebration.

Football Outright Indexes

You will find a huge number of football spread bets to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy. You can also look at long-term bets on which team will win a particular tournament. You might see Manchester United priced at 33-36 to win the Champions League in the outright index. In this market the winning team is awarded 100 points, the runner-up gets 75, the beaten semi-finalists are given 50, teams falling at the quarter-final stage get 25 and teams eliminated in the last 16 get 10. If you buy at 36 for £1, you will make a profit of £64 if they win the final. But if they make it through to the semi-finals and crash out, your profit would be £14.

You also have some insurance, as you will only be down £11 if they lose in the quarter-finals. For this reason, many people prefer outright spread indexes to simple fixed-odds bets on whether a team will win a tournament. As you can see, there are many advantages to choosing spread betting on football and it is bound to give you a fantastic adrenaline rush as you watch big games in future.

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