Bet Smart: Creating a Spread Betting Staking Plan

Bet Smart: Creating a Staking Plan

Spread betting is an amazing way to ramp up the excitement you feel when watching a big match, race, fight or tournament. You can choose from a huge range of options and they can turn even the dullest contests into exhilarating experiences. But it is a new form of betting for many punters and you may need a bit of help when deciding how much to stake on each type of spread bet. This guide will help you enjoy spread betting in a responsible fashion and practice sensible bankroll management to ensure you stay within your means.

Spread betting: the basics

On every single market, Sporting Index will quote you a price at which you can buy and a price at which you can sell. You simply have to guess how well we have judged it. If you sell you will hope that the result ends up as low as possible and if you buy you will hope it ends up as high as possible.

The best way to explain it is with an example. One popular wager involves guessing how many points a Premier League team will secure over the course of a season. Sporting Index might offer a range of say 54-55.5 on Everton. If you think the Toffees will exceed expectations, you would buy, as you think the total will go past the 55.5 mark. If you think they will have an underwhelming season, you would sell, as you predict it will stay under the 54 mark.

If you buy at £10 and they end up with 65 points, it will be over by 9.5 points and you get 9.5 times your stake in winnings, which works out at £95. But if they end up with only 50 points, it is under by 5.5 and you lose £55. If you sell at 54 for £10 and they only get 49 points, it is five under and you earn five times your stake (£50). However, if Everton were to end up with 56 points you would lose £20.

Wagers with small potential ranges

Some Sports spread betting markets offer smaller potential ranges. A classic example is the total goals market in a football game. It is uncommon to see a game with more than five goals, so the fluctuation will rarely be too wild. If Sporting Index quotes a Total Match Goals Spread of 2.8-3.0 and you buy at £20 and it finishes 4-1, it will be two over the total and you get two times your stake in winnings (£40). If it finishes 1-1 you would lose £20.

In these sort of spreads, you may opt for a relatively higher stake as the potential multiples are limited. For example, if you bought at £30 on 3.0 goals, the most you could possibly lose is 3 x £30, setting you back £90 in the event of a 0-0 draw. The game might finish 4-3 and you would therefore earn a profit of £120 from your £30 stake, but it is rare to see a barrage of goals in a game. There have only been 10 or more goals in six games since the Premier League began, and the average goals per game has been between 2.45 and 2.85 each season.

Other examples of spread bets where the potential range is relatively small include player wickets in a cricket match, team or player goals or first-half goals in football, predictions on the finishing position of a horse in a race and goal supremacy in an ice hockey match.

Wagers with high potential ranges

Some spread bets can lead to massive multiples and you might want to think about lowering your stake in these instances. One example is player runs in cricket.

Sporting Index might predict that Joe Root will score 200-210 runs during a five-Test series, allowing you to buy at 210 or sell at 200. If you buy at 210 and he ends up scoring 64, 129, 77, 108 and 40, the total would be 418 and you would earn 208 times your stake.

If you had bought at £1, you would earn a profit of £208. But if he were to hit 40, 0, 12, 29 and 57, it would total just 138 and you would be 72 under the buy price, losing £72. In markets like this, where the numbers can fluctuate so much, you might be more inclined to keep your stake down to a smaller amount.

Other markets where the range can go considerably under or over the spread line include the total goal minutes in a football game, total touchdown minutes or shirt numbers in an NFL game, player specials in big golf tournaments and total points in a rugby game.

General pointers to enjoy spread betting responsibly

Check how big the numbers are in the spread, as this can give you an indication of how far over or under it might go. If you see a spread of 5.5-7, it is unlikely to go too far over or under that line and you can think about increasing your stake. If you see a spread of 200-210, it could go a fair way over or under, so a lower stake might be advisable. In a lot of instances common sense comes into play: basketball games always see a large number of total points, but an individual cricketer can suffer a bad series and pick up very few runs.

As you have seen above, some markets are small in range and others are high, while many fall somewhere in between, like the number of corners in a football game. Practice sensible bankroll management and bet with a small percentage of the money you have set aside for wagering purposes to ensure you enjoy spread betting as a long-term pursuit. Never bet beyond your means and always think about potential losses as well as potential winnings. Spread betting is a great deal of fun, so make sure that fun does not stop by implementing a sensible staking plan.

Learn more about Sports spread betting and all the thrilling individual markets on offer at our comprehensive Spread Betting Training Centre.

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