Champions Cup Semi-Final Spread Betting Preview

Introducing Rugby Spread Betting Ahead of the Champions Cup Semi-Finals

Just four teams remain in club rugby’s premier European competition the Champions Cup and there are some cracking semi-final clashes to look forward to at the weekend. Saracens take on Munster at the Ricoh Arena on Saturday and then the mighty Leinster host Toulouse in another huge game on Easter Sunday. Excitement is mounting among fans and spread betting offers a fantastic opportunity to enhance the thrill of watching the action unfold in these big games. You can choose from a wealth of different wagering options and they all have the ability to drastically ramp up the excitement levels.

Our traders make predictions on a number of events and incidents within each game and then it is up to you to decide how well they have pitched it. You can either buy at the higher price or sell at the lower price. For example, Saracens have been given a Supremacy Index of 5-8 over Munster in the rugby spread betting for their semi-final clash. This means the traders think they will win by between 5 and 8 points. If you think Saracens will surge to a heavy victory, you’d buy at 8. If you think Saracens’ winning margin will be small or that Munster will win, you’d sell at 5.

Let’s say you buy for £10 a point at 8 and Saracens win the game 26-12. The winning margin would be 14, and that is 6 more than the price you bought at. That number is then multiplied by your stake to determine your profit, so in this case you would walk off with £60. However, if Saracens won 23-18, a 5-point margin, you would be 3 below the price you bought at and you would lose £30.

On the flip side of the coin if you sold at 5 for £10 and Saracens won 23-21, a winning margin of 2, the market would settle at 3 points below the price you sold at. That would result in a £30 profit. If Munster ended up winning by 5 points, you would be 10 points below the price you sold at and you would make a profit of £100. Yet if Saracens went on to secure a heavy win, you would incur a loss. Essentially, if you buy, you want Saracens to win by as many points as possible, and if you sell ideally you want Munster to win. The bigger the margin, the higher the profit you make, but of course the reverse is also true so the risks can be greater. This is where spread betting differs from simple fixed odds betting and the huge number of possible outcomes makes it really exciting.

Countless Opportunities with Rugby Total Points Spread Betting

Another hugely popular spread betting market in rugby union involves speculating on the total points in a match. This is a great option if you are unsure which team will win a particular game, but you think it will either be a high-scoring contest or a low-scoring affair. A simple fixed-odds bet on total points means you either win or lose a predetermined amount, but spread betting opens up an exciting world of possibilities.

You might see a Total Points spread of 49.5-51. If you think it will be an open game with lots of tries, you would buy. If you buy for £10 a point at 51 and the final score is 33-29 (62 points in total) the market would settle 11 points over the buy price and you’d make a £110 profit. If it ended up 25-22 (47 total points) you would end up four points below the price you bought at and lose four times your stake - £40.

It is a fantastically engaging market, because it ensures you have a keen interest throughout the game right up until the final whistle. If you placed a fixed-odds bet on there being over a certain number of points in a match, you would be delighted if that total was exceeded in the 60th minute, as your bet would be a winner, but then your interest would wane. Yet with a spread bet you would remain gripped until the very end of the contest, as the more points that are scored, the greater the profit you would make.

Alternatively, you can bet on how many points a particular team will score. You do not have to specify whether they will win or lose, or how many their opponents will manage, so this is an intriguing option if you feel one team is going to be dangerous or if they will struggle to put points on the board.

Spread Betting Offers Markets Like No Other

You can also find many thrilling markets that are unique to spread betting. One example is the Shirt Numbers market, which sees you predict the cumulative total of shirt numbers of all the tryscorers in a match. We might pitch the spread at 48-52, and you simply guess whether it will be under or over that total. If players 9, 14, 23 and 31 crossed the line for tries, the make-up would be 77, which is greater than the spread, leaving buyers in profit and sellers with losses. You can have great fun checking out the numbers worn by the most dangerous players in a particular game, guessing how they will fare and then deciding whether to sell or buy.

Another option is Player Try Minutes, a prediction on the cumulative total of the try minutes of a selected player over the course of a match. If the player you back scores in the 15th minute and the 60th minute, their Try Minutes would be 75. You just have to decide whether a player will do well or struggle to score a try, particularly in the latter stages of the match. You can also look at markets such as Team Tries, Team Shirts and First Team Try. You will always find plenty of exciting spread betting options to enhance your excitement when followiong a big rugby match.

If you want to learn more about the different options available to you and about rugby spread betting as a whole, visit our detailed Sports Spread Betting Training Centre.

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