September's Biggest Spread Betting Make Ups

Sporting Index's Biggest Spread Betting Make Ups of September

Every day our traders make hundreds of predictions about the outcomes of various sporting events. You can then decide whether they have pitched each spread too high or too low, and bet against their forecasts.

On certain occasions our predictions are wide of the mark and of course this hands punters the opportunity to rack up profits as they manage to outfox our traders. These are the markets that had the highest make-ups in September:

Ravens Sink Dolphins

Market: Baltimore Ravens Multi Points Index

Spread: 131-151

Make up: 714

Potential profit: 563 times your stake

The Baltimore Ravens took on the Miami Dolphins in Week 1 of the new NFL season and were narrow favourites to secure victory. Our traders anticipated a tight clash, and assigned the Ravens a Multi Points Index of 131-151 in our NFL spread betting markets. This spread is calculated by multiplying the points a team scores in the first half by the points they score in the second half. For example, 10 points in the first half and 14 in the second would see the market settle at 140. If punters thought the Ravens would struggle for points, they could have sold at 131. If they thought Baltimore would thrive in both halves, they could have bought at 151.

The Ravens came flying out of the blocks and surged to a commanding 21-0 lead by the end of the first period. That might have sparked nervousness on our trading floor, but there was worse to come. By half-time, the Ravens were 42-10 ahead, and they scored another 17 points in the second half to clinch a thumping 59-10 victory. Multiplying 42 by 17 gives a total of 714, which is 563 points above the price of 151 that punters could have bought at.

Fallen Saints

Market: New Orleans Saints Trios Index

Spread: 545-565

Make up: 182

Potential profit: 363 times your stake

Two of the best teams in the NFL resumed hostilities on 15th September. Last season the LA Rams and New Orleans Saints scrapped it out in a pulsating NFC Championship game that saw the Rams ultimately prevail in over-time.

However, the result was extremely controversial due to a botched pass-interference call that prevented a Saints victory.

Excitement was high ahead of this rematch at the LA Memorial Coliseum, and once again out traders were expecting a close contest. They assigned the Saints a Trios Index of 545-565. This is calculated by taking a team’s three most dangerous offensive players and assigning 1 point for each rushing, receiving and net passing yard they gain, 10 points for each touchdown scored (rushing, receiving and passing) and for each turnover conceded 5 points are deducted.

The Saints ultimately gave a poor account of themselves as they slumped to a 27-9 defeat, without managing a single touchdown. The total make up for the Trios Index market was therefore 182, which is 363 times below the pre-match sell price of 545.

Steve Smith Breaks English Hearts

Market: Steve Smith First Innings Runs

Spread: 50-55

Make up: 211

Potential profit: 156 times your stake

Steve Smith tormented England in the first Ashes Test, but the tide turned when he took a Jofra Archer bouncer to the head in the second match. He could only watch on from the sidelines as England secured a draw and the concussion he’d suffered kept him out of the third Test, in which Ben Stokes inspired England to a famous victory that levelled the series. Smith returned to the fray in the fourth Test in an effort to lead his team to victory.

Our traders predicted that Smith would hit between 50 and 55 runs in the first innings in our cricket spread betting markets. Yet the former Aussie captain made a mockery of that projection by battling his way to a score of 211, spending an epic 513 minutes at the crease. He faced 319 balls before Joe Root finally managed to get him out, and that stubborn double hundred helped Australia open up an unassailable lead in the Test. The score of 211 was 156 more than the price of 55 that punters could buy at before a ball was bowled, so anyone that backed Smith to enjoy a strong innings was handsomely rewarded. Of course, on the flipside, it was a rough day for sellers who would've seen their position end up with a loss of 161 times their stake. 

Man City Go Goal Crazy Against Watford

Market: Man City v Watford Shirt Numbers

Spread: 58-61

Make up: 164

Potential profit: 103 times your stake

Shirt Numbers is a particularly volatile market that allows you to speculate on the cumulative shirt numbers of all the goalscorers in a game. For example, if a player wearing the number 7 shirt scores twice and a player wearing number 10 scores once, the market would settle at 24 (7+7+10). Some football spread betting punters love looking for teams where the most dangerous attackers wear high shirt numbers, or low-scoring teams where the most dangerous attackers wear low shirt numbers.

When Man City hosted Watford at The Etihad on 21st September, our traders assigned the game a Shirt Numbers Index of 58-61. The Premier League champions were expected to win the game, but nobody predicted they would pick up quite such an emphatic victory. City ended up beating the Hornets 8-0, the second heaviest win in Premier League history.

David Silva (number 21) opened the scoring, and Sergio Aguero (number 10) then slotted away a penalty. Riyad Mahrez (number 26) made it 3-0 and Bernardo Silva (number 20) banged in a hat-trick. Nicolas Otamendi (number 30) and Kevin De Bruyne (number 17) were also on target to complete the rout. That meant the total shirt numbers of the goalscorers ended up at 164, which was 103 points higher than the pre-game spread buy price.

England and Kosovo share an 8 goal thriller

Market: Shirt Numbers

Spread: 29-32

Make up: 99

Potential profit: 67 times your stake

Another goal frenzy in the England v Kosovo Euro 2020 qualifier saw our Shirt Numbers market come in it’s own. Available to buy at 32, buyers were hoping for goals galore and both teams obliged.

England found themselves 1-0 down in the opening minute, but Sterling scored to level things up. He then teed up Harry Kane to make it 2-1 on 9 minutes. Kosovo scored an own goal, and Sterling provided another assist on the stroke of half-time as Jadon Sancho made it 4-1.

In injury-time at the end of the first-half, he assisted another Sancho goal, leaving England 5-1 up at the break.

Kosovo battled back in the second half and it finished 5-3, but Sterling’s first-half contribution was enough to hand England all three points. He provided three assists in the game and got on the score sheet helping Shirt Numbers make up 99, which was 67 above the price that punters could have bought at pre kick-off. Those who had bought Shirt Numbers would have made a tidy 67 times their stake in profit. On the flipside, sellers would have ended up with a loss of 70 times their stake.

Don’t forget that of course spread betting involves risk and with the potential for big wins comes the risk of big losses. Make sure you’re fully aware of what you’re betting on by reading up in our comprehensive training centre.

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