Sports Spread Betting: 5 Sports To Consider Trying

Five Sports That Are a Great Fit For Spread Betting

Spread betting is a fantastic way to dial up the excitement you experience when watching a big sporting event unfold. Many punters choose spread betting for the wide array of unique markets on offer and the huge range of potential outcomes on each wager. These five sports are a perfect fit.

Cricket Spread Betting

Sporting Index offers hundreds of markets on Test matches, ODIs, T20 clashes and County Cricket showdowns. You can bet on the result, runs, wickets, the performance of individual players and much more. The Player Runs market provides the perfect example of why spread betting on cricket is so exciting. Our traders might predict that Ben Stokes will hit 69-76 runs in a particular Test match. You then have the opportunity to sell at 69 if you think he will struggle, or buy at 76 if you think he will have a great match.

If you were to buy at 76 and he hits 104 in the first innings and 132 in the second innings – for a total of 236 – you would earn 160 times your stake. Some people like the potential to make a large sum from a relatively small stake. This is particularly pronounced in a high-scoring sport like cricket. However, you have to be careful, as you would incur a significant loss if he were to have a terrible match. If he hit 30 in the first innings and 12 in the second innings for a total of 42, you would lose 34 times your stake for example.

Yet this highlights several advantages of spread betting over other forms of wagering. If you were to place a fixed-odds bet on Stokes scoring over 72 runs in the match, you would be delighted when he hit his 73rd, but your interest might then fade. If you bought at the upper end of a spread, you would remain interested until he was removed, as every extra run he scored would increase your profit. It also illustrates the potential to turn a drab match into an exciting contest. The Test could be terrible, but you would be gripped to the action while he was at the crease.

You can also bet on the Win Index, supremacy betting, bowler performance, series markets and much more, plus in-play wagering on markets such as the fall of the next wicket.

Football Spread Betting

You can turn even the dullest of 0-0 clashes into an exciting 90 minutes by taking advantage of the wide range of spread betting options at Sporting Index. We cover a huge range of competitions, from the Premier League and La Liga to Japan’s J League and Estonia’s Meistriliga, including long-term, pre-match and in-play markets. For example, you can buy or sell on total corners in the match, and you will be gripped, even if the game is a drab and dreary affair.

You can also choose from a number of unique spread betting markets when it comes to football. Shirt Numbers is a great example. This is a prediction on the aggregate shirt numbers of the goalscorers in a particular game. For example, if Cristiano Ronaldo (number 7) were to score a hat-trick and Robert Lewandowski (number 9) also scored in the game, resulting in a match scoreline of 3-1, the result of the market would be 30 (7+7+7+9).

We offered a quote of 33-36 when Sheff Utd hosted Man Utd in 2019, and the result was 124, as the game finished 3-3 and the likes of Brandon Williams (number 53), Mason Greenwood (number 26) and Lys Mousset (number 22) were on target resulting in a high total settle.

Horse Racing Spread Betting

Spread betting can often be a really exciting horse racing punting option. You can place a number of unique bets on the overall meeting, including the Favourites Index and Jockey Index. The former is a prediction on how the favourites will perform at that meeting. A favourite is awarded 25 points for winning a race, 10 for a runner-up finish, 5 for finishing third and zero for finishing outside the top three. The Jockey Index is similar, but it allows you to predict how well a particular rider will perform. This is a great option, because it gives you an interest in a higher number of races across a meeting.

You can also bet on the cumulative winning distances, another popular market taking in an entire meeting. When it comes to individual races, you are also spoiled for choice. There are classic individual race index markets, which differ from a classic each-way bet by rewarding a horse for finishing as second as opposed to third. You can also enjoy match bets, which pit two horses against one another and make the rest of the field irrelevant. It really does provide a thrilling way to enjoy the sport of kings.

Basketball Spread Betting

Most hoops fans are used to betting on either the spread, total points or the money line. Spread betting opens up many more exciting options for you to choose from. You can bet on the 100 Index, which assigns the winning team 100 points and the losing team zero. We will offer a quote on either team, depending on their relative strengths and weaknesses, and allow you to buy or sell. You can break this 100 Index down into each quarter or half of the game. You will also find a wide range of handicap spreads, allowing you to skew the spread in different directions depending on how confident you feel.

There are specials markets, such as a wager on whether there will be overtime, and unique markets like the Supremacy Plus Index. You can find player markets on big games too. However, we go much deeper than the NBA. We also cover a number of different basketball leagues around the world.

Basketball is similar to cricket in some ways, as it is a high-scoring sport. It means you can generate large profits, but you also risk heavy losses, so you have to be wary.

Golf Spread Betting

Spread betting on the golf offers you a unique punting experience, different to those on offer in other traditional wagering formats. For instance, our Finishing Position market allows you to predict where a particular player might finish. Let’s say we offer 21-24 on Tommy Fleetwood at the US Open. If you think he will finish higher than 21st, sell at 21. If you think he will struggle and finish lower than 24th, buy at 24. This can be more appealing than trying to predict which golfer will secure victory out of an extremely stacked field.

If you think a particular player has a great chance of success, you can go for the Leaderboard Index. We assign 80 points to the winner, 40 points for the runner-up, 30 points to the player that finishes third, 25 points for finishing fourth, 20 points for fifth, 15 points for sixth, 10 points for seventh and 5 points for eighth. This can be more interesting than the all-or-nothing straight betting on who will win a tournament. Fixed-odds betting allows you to bet each-way, whereby you might get a quarter of the odds on the place part of your bet if the golfer finishes second, third, fourth or fifth, but the Leaderboard Index can potentially be more interesting, as it rewards a player for finishing as close to the top as possible.

We have many more exciting golf spread betting markets for you to check out, including Hotshots, match bets between specific players, the winning score, the winning margin and so on. It means that tournaments are no longer simply about who wins, and you are bound to find something appealing from the wide range of options at your disposal. We also have a great deal of markets on Boxing, MMA, American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Aussie Rules, Greyhounds, Table Tennis, Motor Racing, Politics and more, so why not check out our full range of sports spread betting markets and grab a slice of the action.

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