Spread Betting on the 2019 Cricket World Cup

Spread Betting on the Cricket World Cup 2019: An Enhanced Punting Experience

England’s marauding ODI side will bid to secure World Cup glory on home soil this summer after soaring to the top of the world rankings. Eoin Morgan’s men are in superb form and they have been boosted by the arrival of exciting young quick Jofra Archer. Yet World Cup competition will be fierce as India are blessed with a talented, experienced side, while Australia have just welcomed Steve Smith and David Warner back into the fold. Several strong teams will be competing, it promises to be a thrilling tournament and spread betting represents the perfect way to boost the enjoyment of watching the action unfold.

What is Cricket Spread Betting?

This is the most exciting way to bet on the big cricket matches that will take place across England and Wales this summer. Sporting Index offers hundreds of different markets for you to choose from, and each one carries a huge range of permutations. In essence, it massively ramps up the excitement you feel when watching an ODI, while you can also bet on a number of tournament outcomes, such as the winner, the top bowler or batsman, who will hit the most sixes and so on. The list of Cricket World Cup spread betting options at your disposal is vast and you are bound to find several markets that appeal to you.

How Does Cricket Spread Betting Work?

Our traders will make a number of predictions on various outcomes within a cricket tournament or a particular match. They will assign a price to each one, and you can choose to either buy at the higher end or sell at the lower. In England’s opening match against South Africa, our traders have priced Eoin Morgan’s men at 25-35 in the Match Supremacy Market over the Proteas. In this market, if the team that bats first wins the match, they are awarded one point for every run they win by. If the team that bats second wins, they are given 10 points for each wicket they win by.

If you think England will pick up an emphatic victory, you’d buy at 35. If you think they will struggle and either lose the match or only win by a narrow margin, you’d sell at 25. Let’s say you buy at 35 for £10. If England go on to win the match by four wickets, they would end up with 40 points, which is five points higher than the price you bought at. This is multiplied by your £10 stake, giving you a profit of £50. If they won by five wickets, you would be 15 above the price you bought at, resulting in a £150 profit. But if they only won by three wickets, they would be five below the price you bought at and you would be down £50. You simply have to decide if we have pitched the quote too high or too low. The more right you are, the more money you make. You can find cricket spread betting explained in further detail here.

How is Cricket Spread Betting Different to Fixed-Odds Betting on Cricket?

In a fixed-odds bet, you simply stand to either win a pre-determined profit if your wager succeeds or lose your stake if it fails. In spread betting, the more the market moves for or against you, the more you win or lose. There are typically a large number of variables involved in spread betting, and the rewards can be greater or the losses can be steeper. Some sports fans may prefer fixed odds betting as it is less volatile, but cricket fanatics are attracted to spread betting due to the excitement it offers and the potential for greater rewards. Sporting Index is popular among experienced bettors with strong knowledge of cricket, but also among casual fans looking to heighten the thrill they experience when watching a match.

What Makes Cricket Spread Betting Such a Thrilling Prospect?

If you bet on England to beat South Africa in a fixed-odds bet, you might get odds of 1/2, so a £20 bet would result in a £10 profit if successful. If they were in control and cruising to victory, you would certainly be pleased, but your interest might wane somewhat. However, if you had gone for the Match Supremacy Bet explained above, you would still be hooked to the action right until the death. In that example, the difference between winning by four wickets or five is worth £100 to you, so it ensures your excitement levels are maintained throughout an entire contest. If you bet on the number of wide balls, for example, you will be fixed to each bowl, turning every match into a thrilling experience. It offers the chance of greater profits, so many punters prefer it to fixed-odds betting, particularly when one team is a clear favourite, but you have to bear in mind that the losses can be heavier too.

What Cricket Spread Betting Markets are There Available for the World Cup?

You can bet on the 100-50-0 Index, which sees the match winner given 100 points and the loser zero at the end of an ODI. One team might be priced at 65-71 and the other at 25-35 and you simply have to decide who you think will win, in the event of a tie 50 points is awarded to each team.

You can look at the Match Win Index, how many runs a particular player will score or how many wickets a bowler will take. If you are unsure which team will win, you can bet on the total runs in the match, or the total number of fours, sixes or wides. Once the action begins, you can speculate on when the next wicket will fall as Sporting Index offers in-play betting. There are hundreds of markets available for the World Cup and you are sure to find plenty that appeal to you.

What Tournament Outright Markets are Available?

The 100-0 market gives 100 points to the tournament winner and a big fat zero to everyone else. England are currently priced at 31.5-35.5 in this market, while India are at 22-26, Australia are 16-20 and so on. If you think Australia will win the World Cup and you bet £2 on this market, you would make a £160 profit if they pulled it off (100 – 20 = 80 and 80 x £2 = £160). However, if they did not win you would be down £40.

Another Cricket World Cup outright spread betting option is the 100-50-25 index, which sees the winner given 100 points, the runner up takes home 50 points and the beaten semi-finalists get 25 points. England are priced at 49-53 in this market, so if you buy at 53 and they lose in the final, you will only lose three times your stake, but should they win the World Cup, you would be looking at a profit of 47 times your stake. Australia are 33-37, so if you buy on them and they lose in the final, you will make a profit of 13 times your stake. There is a World Cup index for each group, you can bet on how many wins each team will secure throughout the tournament and you can make a prediction on the finalists.

What Batsmen Markets are Available?

You can bet on who will finish as the World Cup Top Tournament Batsman, with Virat Kohli currently the favourite ahead of Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root and Rohit Sharma. You can bet on who will hit the most sixes, and Chris Gayle leads the betting there. You can speculate on the total fours, the total sixes and the total runouts in the overall tournament, or on a team by team basis. You can bet on the Top England Batsman, who will hit the most fours for a particular team or how many runs a player will tally. Those are just a few examples of the many different batsman markets available to you at this tournament. You can also wager on total centuries, the fastest century, the highest score, total ducks and many more.

What Bowler Markets are Available?

You also have a huge number of exciting bowler markets to choose from. You can bet on the World Cup Top Tournament Bowler market, with 100 points assigned to the winner, 50 to the runner-up and 25 to the third placed bowler. The favourite is currently Jasprit Bumrah at 15-18. If you buy at 18 and he finishes second, you would make 32 times your stake, but if he finishes outside of the top three you would lose 18 times your stake. If you sell at 15 and he finishes outside of the top three, you would earn 15 times your stake, but if he finished third you would lose 10 times your stake. You can bet on total wickets for stars like Jofra Archer and Chris Woakes, total tournament wides, whether there will be a hat-trick or a Mankad in a match and many more options.

Cricket spread betting offers you a phenomenal opportunity to heighten the thrill of watching the World Cup this summer, so grab a stake in the action and enjoy!

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