5 Things You Need To Know About Spread Betting

5 Things You Need To Know About Sports Spread Betting

For a betting experience like no other, Sporting Index is the place to be! Instead of the same old fixed odds and pre-determined pay-outs you get at other bookmakers, the returns from spread betting can grow depending on just how right or wrong your prediction is.

Put simply, it is no longer all or nothing. With spread betting, it's a sliding scale in that the more right you are the more you will profit. On the other hand, the more wrong you are the greater your losses could become.

Think Neymar will fall over more than five times the next time he turns out for Brazil? How about the number of times Andy Murray will hit the net in his next match? With online betting growing quicker than ever and the range of markets expanding exponentially, NOW is the time to discover sports spread betting and celebrate all it has to offer.

For those unfamiliar with spread betting, it has a very gentle learning curve, which leads us on to our first of five fantastic facts about spread betting with Sporting Index!

#1: Spread Betting is Easy to Understand

The terminology associated with sports spread betting may be daunting at first, but to be successful, you only really need to know three words in order to make an informed decision. These terms are: `spread', `buy price' and `sell price'. Let's look at a simple example using the total number of 'fours' scored in a cricket match as the market.

To start with, Sporting Index will make a prediction based on existing odds and the predictions of their trading team. For instance, Sporting Index might predict that there will be 46 'fours' scored in a One Day International cricket match.

This prediction is an average from the sum of two different numbers, known as the `spread', each of which will have an equal, divisible margin of error either side of Sporting Index's prediction.

In this example, the bottom end of the spread (the `sell price') is 45.5 'fours' (1 below the prediction), while the top end (the `buy price') may be 46.5 'fours' (1 above) giving us a final spread of 45.5-46.5.

#2: Spread Betting is Simple to Do

Bets are placed on either of the `buy' or `sell' values depending on your own prediction on the outcome. If you believe that there will be more than 46 `fours' you would back the buy price and if you fancied there to be fewer than 46 `fours' you would take the sell price.

Points are awarded to you based on how right or wrong the prediction of Sporting Index was vs. your own prediction, and how big the margin of error was either way depending on the final result. Points act as multipliers, and these can massively boost profits or cause sizeable losses for those who like to take a risk.

For instance, if you wagered £5 on the `buy price' of this market at 46.5 thus needing 47 or more 'fours' to make a return - and the match produced 57 'fours', you would be correct with a margin of 10.5 points above the buy price. Therefore, your £5 stake would be multiplied by that margin of 10.5, giving you a £52.50 pay-out on top of the returned stake. However, if the match only produced 44 `fours' (so 2.5 points below the buy price) then your £5 stake would be multiplied by the losing margin, giving you a total loss of £12.50.

It's worth remembering that exact numbers don¿t always match up to multipliers, and gains made from even the smallest correct predictions can often become very impressive! Information on how points are awarded are always available on the `info' icon found to the left of each market on Sporting Index¿s list of markets within a specific event. Plus, with the Sporting Index app available on mobile, for Android and iOS devices, it's now easier than ever to get involved with the action on-the-go!

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#3: Spread Betting Offers Cash Out

We pride ourselves on offering an all-round experience unique to every user and that's why Sporting Index ensure you're always firmly in control of your own bets. We were actually pioneers of the now popular facility to 'Cash Out' a bet before the final outcome is decided.

In some circumstances, 'Cash Out' can be used to either cut your losses or lock in profits early, if you don't want to wait until the market settles. The Cash Out feature is particularly popular for long term bets such as tournament and league outright markets.

In the Spring of 2016 Leicester fought to a first and historic Premier League title, and this event serves as a great example of how Sporting Index can offer a more exciting experience compared to fixed odds bookmakers in long term markets.

Let us take the following theoretical scenario: It's August 2015, and Leicester are tipped for relegation from the Premier League. The club's projected points tally for 2015/16 is 36 points, with a spread of one point either way - 35 being the `sell' and 36.5 the `buy' (35-36.5).

However, let's say that Leicester do not win the title but still go beyond expectations, finishing on 70 points. Even though Leicester have failed to become Premier League champions in this example, anyone who staked £10 on the `buy' price (36.5) would still have enjoyed a return of £335 (33.5x £10) as Leicester would have surpassed the original spread predicted by Sporting Index! However, if Leicester struggled to earn only 31 points in total then you would lose £55 (5.5 x £10). What's more, at any point in the season where the Cash Out feature was available (always check first!) you would have been able to `trade out' of your bet, depending on whether you thought they'd continue their fine form or their luck would run out.

In this case, a fixed odds bet and spread bet may leave you wanting the same outcome, but their benefits remain very different. Backing Leicester to win the title with a fixed odds bet returns a profit only if that outcome is achieved whereas a spread bet would see you enjoy a profit even if they'd finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even lower. These profits gained can then be used elsewhere, and this is how the most successful sports traders have made a name for themselves!

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#4: Spread Betting is Fun

For some people, the best thing about sports spread betting with Sporting Index is the sheer variety of exciting markets on offer. Want to bet on how many bearded players will score tries for Warrington in the Super League next week? Don't be surprised to see it right here on Sporting Index!

Since Sporting Index's formation in 1992, more and more diverse markets have been added every year without fail. Fancy betting on the combined total of all goalscorers in a football match using their shirt numbers? You can at Sporting Index! Spread betting provides a platform for a near limitless number of fun and sensational markets that you simply won't find at your typical bookmaker.

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#5 Spread Betting is Exciting

A spread bet can bring the drama of a Cup Final to every football match. The tension of a Grand Slam decider to every rugby game. The captivation of the last day of a Major to every golf tournament. Forget the 'will it happen, won't it happen' of fixed odds. The level of excitement can be magnified with a sports spread bet. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, whether your sport is football, rugby or golf, your wins (or losses) are directly linked to the events that play out in front of your eyes. Think how many, how often, how soon - a spread bet puts you more in tune with the action than any other kind of bet. At Sporting Index we own excitement.

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