Tottenham v Manchester City Spread Betting Preview

Tottenham v Man City - Who Will Reign Supreme?

With neither Manchester City nor Tottenham relenting in the early stages of the title race, this match is another clash of the heavyweights that could prove pivotal in the Premier League title race.

Spurs v City has all the hallmarks of a classic Monday night box office hit. Faced with the bright lights of Wembley, City will likely take to the field needing a win to go top and could well be as low as third come kick-off.


Though they are under no illusions as to the high-quality opposition that lies in wait, City (the current favourites on our supremacy market) will approach this game with a very topical reason to feel confident. Back in April, City strolled to a 3-1 victory over Spurs, demonstrating just how dominant the champions can be on their day. City's 4-1 home win in the reverse encounter of 2017/18 was another of this fixture's famous scorelines.

Since Pochettino's arrival at Tottenham in the summer of 2014, a 4-1 scoreline has in fact been the final score on three of the eight occasions he has faced Manchester City, with the Argentine twice being on the receiving end. Going further back, City have twice beaten Tottenham 5-1 in the capital, doing so in August 2011 and January 2014. A 6-0 win at the Etihad Stadium also preceded the latter of those drubbings.

Significantly, Guardiola's City slickers have already won by five-goal margins on three occasions, in the first nine league matches this season for the second campaign in a row. With three midfielders already on three league goals or more, the variance in the source of goals also ensures that the English champions' existing fear factor will live long.

A notable common denominator for City's spate of big wins over Tottenham this decade has been the presence of David Silva and Sergio Aguero. In light of midweek Champions League responsibilities, Guardiola may not necessarily choose to start both players. However, there is usually room for the highly experienced duo in one way or another, with Silva enjoying a particularly distinguished run of form at present.


These thumping wins over Tottenham put a spotlight on Sporting Index's football supremacy markets ahead of Monday's clash. Given that football supremacy markets relate to the winning margin, a fixture with a history of big scorelines is always going to be of interest.

Regardless of the starting lineup, the spread bettor fancying City might run riot in this fixture, would see a spread of 0.7 - 0.9, a £10 buy at this price would return profit if the margin of victory is one goal or more for the Sky Blues. In a 4-1 winning scoreline the market would settle at 3.0, which is 2.1 points above the buy price, would see you take away £21 profit (2.1 x your £10 stake).

When buying a supremacy spread, the further the favourite's dominance is from the eventual result, the more you could take out. But because the market can also settle with a negative make up, the more wrong you are the more you could lose. Should Tottenham win the match by a solitary goal the market would settle at -1, which is 1.9 points under the buy price, giving you a £19 loss (-1.9 x your £10 stake).


For their part, Tottenham have not hit the heights expected of them in pre-season, despite emerging victorious in their last four league games. Naturally, a win over Manchester City will see their odds of a top four finish shorten dramatically, and in practice, it would also increase the North London club's chances of retaining their coveted core of England internationals.

As shown by the departure of Kyle Walker to Manchester City last summer, every man has his price. Thus, staying in the top four will be a vital part of Pochettino's internal campaign to keep his prize assets at the club. To that end, the current long-term Premier League spread betting markets gives a spread of 74.5 - 76 points for Tottenham.

Over the past four seasons, 76 points has been enough to seal Champions League qualification via the top four. With a home defeat to Liverpool already blemishing their record, Tottenham apparently have no more leeway, but current point projections indicate that the North Londoners are just about on course to stay in that hallowed top four region.

Will Manchester City run riot in North London? Check out all the latest spread betting markets on Tottenham v Manchester City now.

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