10 Commandments of Spread Betting

1. Do your research

There will always be a percentage of surprise results in any sport, but it does no harm to check the statistics (or the 'form' as it is often called) and do your homework. Take a football game you are considering having a bet on. Have you checked the probable line-ups of both teams? Do you know what record the referee has with brandishing cards? And what is the history of a particular fixture - is one team the other one's bogey?

2. Watch the weather

A muddy pitch and windy weather can equalise the skill levels between seemingly mismatched football or rugby teams. Cloudy skies can quickly give a fielding side the upper hand in a cricket game. Heavy ground may render the form book valueless in horse racing, and some fair weather golfers only produce their best when the sun is shining!

3. In-Play or not?

If an event is live on television not only will we be offering our unrivalled in-play service with a whole host of great markets, but it also allows you to watch the action as it unfolds. Check out our In-Play page.

4. Stay in touch

Try to keep in touch with the event you are betting on, and monitor the changes to our spread markets in running. Remember; if you are away from you PC, you can always Spread bet the smart way with Sporting Index Mobile.

5. Don't be afraid to close

It can be very tempting to close a trade that's going well for an early profit but leave one running that's going badly in the hope that things will get better. Always consider cutting your losses as well as taking a profit.

6. Play the bookmaker

Imagine you had to price up a particular market. Would you go higher or lower than the prices on offer? You can then see if we have a difference of opinion from your original view.

7. Know your markets

Spread betting isn't just about how much one team will beat another by, or where a horse/golfer/driver will finish. Get to know all the different markets through the ‘i’ icon located next to each market.

8. Control your risk

Always calculate how much your worst-case scenario could cost if your judgment turns out to be completely wrong.

9. Don't be afraid to start small

You can get the hang of it all with stakes as low as 5p a point. Then of course as you build confidence and understanding you can increase your stakes to whatever level you are comfortable with.

10. Still uncertain?

Consider a Sporting Index stop-loss account where your downside and upside on any bet is capped. Or give a Demo account a try - All the thrills and spills of a real account for a 14-day trial period.

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