American Football Spread Betting

American Football is a popular sport for spread betting and Sporting Index offers many markets on the fast-paced action.

What is American Football spread betting?

Sporting Index covers every round of the American Football NFL season right up to the thrilling conclusion that is the Super Bowl.

How to spread bet on American Football

Sporting Index make a series of predictions on a number of events and scenarios within an NFL match or across the season. This will be in the form of two prices which is known as the spread.

If you believe Sporting Index has pitched a quote too low, spread bettors can buy at the higher price, anticipating that the make-up of the market will be bigger than that price.

Likewise, if spread bettors think the buy price is too high then they can chose to sell at the lower price, believing the final make-up will be below the price they have sold at.

As a result, American Football spread betting offers much more variety than just backing a team to win or lose.

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What is supremacy American Football spread betting?

This is one team’s dominance over another, expressed in points.

For example, Sporting Index might make Denver favourites to beat Seattle by 1-3 points. Therefore, if you think Denver will win by more than 3, you would buy at 3 for the stake of your choice, in this case, £50.

If Denver won the game 37-33, their winning margin (make-up) would be 4 points. Had you bought at 3 you would have made 1 times your stake or £50. Here's how the calculation works: (4 - 3) x your stake = 1 x £50 = £50.

But, if Seattle had won the game 26-21, the same bet would have lost you 8 times your stake. The calculation: (-5 - 3) x your stake = -8 x £50 = -£400.

Supremacy American Football spread betting markets are also offered on other aspects of any match including Touchdown Shirt Supremacy, Performance Supremacy, Touchdown Yardage Supremacy, Field Goal Yardage Supremacy and Penalty Yard Supremacy.

Win Index

The Win Index gives points to a team according to how the game finishes. Sporting Index awards points to the winner as follows; 25pts for winning the match plus 1pt for every point scored.

A Win Index spread might look like this:

Kansas City 38-41

Indianapolis 19-21

If Kansas City won 44-26 they would make-up 59 and profits of 18 times their stake. Indianapolis, despite losing, would make-up 26 and a profit for those who bought them at 21 of 5 times their stake.

What specific American Football spread betting match markets are available?

Sporting Index prices up 100+ markets on almost every aspect of an American Football match from Total Points to Touchdown Minutes Supremacy, to individual team markets and performance totals.

Total Points

A prediction on the number of total points scored in a match.

Touchdown Scorers’ Shirt Numbers

The combined number of all shirt numbers of the players who score a touchdown in the match. So if players with the numbers 13, 35, 68 and 86 all scored touchdowns the make-up would be 202 (13+35+68+86).

Total Touchdowns

The total number of Touchdowns scored in a particular match.

Sporting Index also offer team specific Touchdown markets.

Quarter Points

The total number of points scored in one named quarter of a particular match.

Touchdown Minutes

A prediction of the total minutes of each Touchdown scored in a match. For example, Touchdowns in the 21st, 50th and 56th minutes would make-up 127 (21+50+56=127).


A prediction on the outcome of multiplying the points scored by a team in the first half by the points they score in the second half. For example, if Cincinnati score 15 first-half points and 20 second-half points then the multi-points result for Cincinnati Bengals will be 300 (15 x 20 = 300).

Note points scored in Overtime do not count.

What long term American Football spread betting markets are there?

American Football spread bettors can enjoy a Super Bowl bet on the Outright Index with the index updated after every round of action.

Sporting Index award points as follows; Winner = 100pts, Runner-up = 70pts, Lose Conference Championship = 50pts, Lose Divisional Playoff = 33pts, Wild card = 20pts. All others =0.

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