Boxing Spread Betting

We cover all major boxing fights, updating our prices in-play, to deliver the most exhilarating boxing betting out there.

Our main boxing spread betting markets

A prediction on how a boxer will perform in a match. Points are normally awarded as follows

Win by stoppage: 25 points

Win by decision: 10pts

Draw: 5pts

Loss: 0pts

With the scores above in mind, the spreads of the two fighters might look like this:

Fighter A - 9.5-11

Fighter B - 5-6.5

If Player A wins by knock-out, the make-up will be 25, meaning a profit of 14 times their stake for buyers at 11. However if Player A was beaten within the distance, then buyers would lose 11 times their stake (0 - 11 = -11).

Fight Minutes

A prediction on the total amount of time this fight lasts. Maximum = 30 minutes, Minimum = 1 minute. Note minutes are always rounded up to the nearest minute.

Total Rounds

A prediction on the total number of rounds in the match.

Stoppage Handicap

A prediction on when this fight will end. Points are awarded on the following basis: 25pts = Fight ends before Round 10; 10pts = Fight ends in Round 10; 0pts = Any other result.


You can also have a boxing spread bet on the method of victory in the match as well as bet on the winner of every round in the match.

To see a full list of Sporting Index¿s boxing spread betting markets click here.

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