Darts Spread Betting

Arrers' fans won't find a more exciting way to enjoy the action from the oche than with a darts spread bet.

What is darts spread betting?

Sporting Index offers markets on all the key events in the darts calendar, including the PDC World Championship, the BDO World Championship, and the World Matchplay.

Our in-play markets also add to the thrill of darts spread betting, with prices updated after every visit to the oche.

What is supremacy darts spread betting?

The simplest market to bet on is the tournament winner, known as the Outright Index, closely followed by spread betting on which player will win a particular match, otherwise referred to as the Win Index.

Spread bettors can also choose to further and punt on everything right down to Total Match Legs, Total Match 180s and the Highest Checkout.

What is supremacy darts spread betting?

These are the simplest darts spread betting markets. Sporting Index price up the supremacy of one player over another expressed in sets.

We award 10pts for winning plus 3pts per set the player wins by. For example, we might price up Phil Taylor/Raymond van Barneveld at 9.5-12.5 for their best of seven set match.

If Taylor won 4-3, he would make up 13 (10pts for the win + 3pts for the one set margin of victory). Buyers would therefore make 0.5 x their stake (13 - 12.5 = 0.5). Likewise a 4-0 win for Taylor would make-up 22 (10 + 12 = 22).

We also offer 180s Supremacy - a prediction on the total number of 180s achieved by one player versus their opponent.

What other darts spread betting markets are available?

Outright Index

Before a tournament, and updated during the competition, Sporting Index will make a prediction on where every player will finish.

For example, in the PDC World Darts Championship, we award points as follows: Winner = 60pts, Runner-up = 40pts, Lose Semi-Final = 20pts, Lose Quarter-Final = 10pts, Last 16 = 5pts. Others = 0pts.

If you bought Phil Taylor at 44 and he triumphs, then he would make-up 60, meaning your profits would be 16 times your stake. However, if he were to lose in the first round, then you would have lost 44 times your stake.

Win Index

A simple spread bet on who will win the match. 25pts are awarded to the winner and 0pts to the loser. A Win Index bet between two players would look like this - Player A 17-18.5 and Player B 6.5-8.


Total Match Legs is a prediction on the total number of legs in a match. We also offer markets on the Total Number of 180s in a match, the Highest Match Checkout, as well as set specific markets.

Correct Score

A prediction on the match score. So if you fancied Phil Taylor strongly against a much weaker opponent in a best of seven match, you may want to buy: Phil Taylor 4-0 at 8.5-11. If you were correct the make-up would be 25. If however you were wrong, you would lose 11 times your stake.

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