Entertainment Spread Betting

On top of the thousands of sports spread bets available every day, Sporting Index also offers spreads markets on some of the most popular entertainment shows in Britain. Whether it's Strictly Come Dancing, X-Factor, Dancing On Ice or Sports Personality of the Year that rocks your boat, we have it covered.

How To Spread Bet On Entertainment

Win Index

Typically we offer a Win Index for each competition, updated after every round.

We reward contestants/groups 50pts for winning the event, 30pts for finishing second, 20pts for third or 10pts for finishing fourth.

A spread for the final four left in a particular competition might look like this:

Contestant A - 35-38

Contestant B - 27-30

Contestant C - 25-28

Contestant D - 16-19

Contestant B would therefore make-up 50 if they are the winner, returning buyers at 30 a profit of 20 times their stake (50 - 30 = 20). They would lose buyers money if they failed to finish in the top two.

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