Football Spread Betting

What is football spread betting?

Football spread betting with Sporting Index can make even the most mundane of matches exciting with the widest range of betting markets available anywhere.

Sporting Index offers 200 pre-match markets on live matches, with up to 150 available in-play, so whether it is spread betting on the time of the first goal, the number of bookings points or the aggregate time of all the goals scored in a match, Sporting Index has football covered from all angles.

How to spread bet on football

Sporting Index makes predictions on a number of events and scenarios within a football game. The spread has two prices, a buy and a sell price. If you believe Sporting Index has pitched a quote too low, spread bettors would buy at the higher price, anticipating that the make-up of the market will be bigger than that price.

Likewise, if spread bettors think the buy price is too high then they would sell at the lower, believing the final make-up will be below the price they have sold at.

What bookings and corner-related football spread betting markets do you offer?

Football spread betting encompasses all aspects of the game and Sporting Index offers a range of markets on incidents within a match.

Bookings markets

The simplest bookings market is on the number of yellow and red cards in match. For every yellow card shown 10pts are awarded and for every red card 25pts.

For a match between Arsenal and Manchester United Sporting Index might set the spread at 48-52. If there were six yellow cards and one red card then the make-up would be 85.

Sporting Index also offers individual Team Bookings Points, Bookings Supremacy, and Time of the First Red Card, as well as football spread betting markets on the number of bookings points after certain points in the game. For example, Bookings Points 30-Ups = 1pt is awarded per booking point over 30. So three yellow cards and one red card = 55 bookings points. Bookings 30-Ups result = 25.


Corners markets

Sporting Index offers football spread bettors 21 corner-related markets including Total Number of Corners in a match, Corner Supremacy, Time of the First Corner, X-Corners (prediction on the number of corners taken by one team multiplied by the number taken by the opposition) and Corners Squared (prediction on the total number of corners taken in a match squared).

What other football spread betting markets are there?

Another popular football spread betting market is the 25:10 Win Index.

This is similar to an outright match market where 25pts are awarded to the match winner and 0pts to the losing side. If the match is drawn both teams are awarded 10pts.

We might make a spread for Manchester United at 15-18 for their match against Swansea. If they won they’d make-up 25 and spread bettors who bought at 18 would win seven times their stake. However, if Swansea held them to a draw the make-up would be 10 and buyers would have lost 8 times their stake. If Swansea had won then buyers would have lost 18 times their stake.

Sporting Index also offer a number of similar markets:

Team Performance

We award or deduct team’s points for various elements of a match. The spread will be based on the following: Win = 25pts, draw = 10pts, goal = 15pts, woodwork = 10pts, clean sheet = 10pts, each corner taken = 3pts, each yellow card = -5pts, each red card = -15pts.

For example, Tottenham Team Performance against Cardiff might be 48-52. If the match finishes 2-0 to Tottenham and they had five corners and avoided any bookings their make-up would be 80 (25pts for the win, 30pts for the two goals, 15pts for the five corners and 10pts for the clean sheet).

Match Performance

Points are awarded or deducted for various elements of a whole match. Our spread is based on the following: Goal = 15pts, corner = 3pts, yellow card = 5pts, red card = 15pts, penalty awarded = 10pts and 0-0 draw = -25pts.


Sporting Index name four players (two from either team), and award points for each goal scored by any of the four. Our spread is based on 25pts awarded per each goal scored by any of the named players. 8pts are awarded per player who does not take any part in the match.

Group Indices

In tournaments such as the Champions League and World Cup, we award points to teams on where they finish in their respective groups as follows:

Group winner: 25pts, 2nd place: 10pts, 3rd place: 5pts, 4th place: 0pts.

For example, we might quote England at 11-12.5 for their group. They would make up 25pts for winning Group D.

These markets are updated across the course of the competition.

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