Football Supremacy Bets

What is supremacy football spread betting?

One of the simplest football spread betting markets is a Supremacy spread bet.

This is one team’s dominance over another, expressed in goals.

For example, Sporting Index might make Arsenal favourites to beat Tottenham by 0.1-0.3 goals. Therefore, if you think Arsenal will win you would buy at 0.3 for the stake of your choice, in this case, £50 a goal.

If Arsenal were to win the game 4-1, their winning margin (make-up) would be 3 goals. Had you bought supremacy at 0.3 you would have made 2.7 times your stake or £135. Here's how the calculation works: (3 - 0.3) x your stake = 2.7 x £50 = £135.

But, if Tottenham had won the game 1-0, the same bet would have lost you 1.3 times your stake. The calculation: (-1 - 0.3) x your stake = -1.3 x £50 = -£65.

Supremacy football spread betting markets are also offered on other aspects of any match including, Corner Supremacy, Bookings Supremacy, Total Goal Minutes Supremacy and Team Performance Supremacy.

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