Golf Spread Betting

Golf Spread Betting

No other operator offers the huge range of golf spread betting markets that Sporting Index do By betting on our golf spread betting markets, tournaments are no longer just about who wins, but also who has makes the cut, who's snuck into the top 20 and who's struggling to get out of the rough.


What is golf spread betting?

Golf Spread Betting allows you to bet on markets covering all European, PGA and Champions Tour tournaments, as well as the majority of Australian, Asian and LPGA Major events.

Sporting Index will make multiple predictions on a tournament. You decide whether a prediction is too high or too low. If you think Tiger Woods is a great bet to win the Open then back him to end the tournament in top spot by selling his position. (the lower the finishing position makeup, the higher the golfer player has finished).

Here are some of our most popular golf spread betting markets.

What is a Finishing Position golf spread betting market?

Our Finishing Positions market allows you to bet on where players will end up in the field.

For example, for The Open, we might have Tiger Woods at 21-24. If you think he will finish higher than 21st you would sell as you expect his final makeup to be worth lower than the quoted price of 21. If you thought he would have a shocker and finish below 24th, you would instead buy.

If you sold at 21 and Woods went on to finish second that would be fully 19 places above what you sold at, meaning a profit of 19 times your stake. However if he finished 30th and you had sold, that would be a loss of 9 times your stake.

Dead heat rules apply if players are tied. For example, if Woods shared 10th place with Justin Rose, then they would both make up 10.5 (10 + 11 / 2 = 10.5).

What is a Leaderboard Index golf spread betting market?

The Leaderboard Index predicts where every player in a tournament will finish, with the top eight awarded points on the following basis: 80pts if the player finishes first, 40pts for second place, 30pts for third, 25pts for fourth, 20pts for fifth, 15pts for sixth, 10pts for seventh and 5pts for eighth.

We might price Sergio Garcia 4-7 on the Leaderboard Index. If he went on to be third in the tournament he would make-up 30 and profits for those who bought at 7 would be 23 times their stake. (30 - 7 = 23)

However, if he finished outside the top ten places, he would make up 0.

What are some other popular golf spread betting markets?


The total points a group of golfers will be cumulatively worth in a tournament. For example, we might group together four top European golfers in a Hotshots bet at The Masters.

Points are usually awarded based on the following: 25pts per named player finishing in the top 10 plus a 50pts bonus if any of the named players wins the tournament.

Match Bets

A Supremacy bet on how one player will perform vs. another player over 72 holes. For example, we might quote Tiger Woods/Dustin Johnson at 4-6.5 - this means that we think Woods will be this many shots clear of Johnson at the end of the tournament.

If Woods finishes six-under par and Johnson finishes two-over par then the make-up would be 8 (6+2=8).

This market can have a negative make-up if the favourite (always quoted first) performs worse than his rival. For example, if Woods finished two-over par and Johnson finished on par the make-up would be -2 (0-2=-2).

Winning Score

A prediction on the winning score of a player at the end of a tournament. Sporting Index might make the spread for The Masters 278-280.

As an example, if the winning player hit 68, 69, 64 and 70 they would make-up 271.

Winning Margin

The number of shots the winner of a tournament will be ahead of the runner-up.

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