In Play Football Betting

Sporting Index trade hundreds of markets on football straight after kick-off which offer spread bettors a truly unrivalled, unique and immersive betting experience. Football is a game perfectly suited to in-play betting. What better way to inform yourself before having a bet than to watch some of the action unfolding and then place a wager?

A game between two evenly-matched teams playing at the top of their game may be a tricky betting proposition pre-game, but after 10 minutes you may have a completely different view of the action. Perhaps the away team’s best player looks to be nursing an injury, or their formation is struggling to contain the home team’s wingers? The hosts may then look a great bet on the supremacy market or the win index.

Early Goals In Play Football Betting

An early goal can change the game too. If the underdog strikes first, it may be value to buy the favourites at a reduced supremacy spread than it was pre-game.

Let’s imagine Chelsea were away at Stoke and found themselves 1-0 down after 15 minutes. There’s a good chance they would still be the narrow favourites and with their greater talent you may expect them to reverse that deficit.

But you might analyse the game and decide that it would be a tough ask for the Blues to score at least two goals while not conceding again and, therefore, there might be value in selling Chelsea in this market or on the win index.

Total Goals In Play Football Betting

One of Sporting Index’s most popular markets is the total goals one. Before every match, traders make a prediction on the total number of goals they expect. An early strike will obviously change the total goals spread in-play, and it might also rise if both times are on the attack from the off. If that’s the case then you may think it’s a good time to buy.

However, you also have to weigh up whether the team that has scored might just protect their lead. If they are a side like Atletico Madrid, renowned for their mean back-line, then the value call might be to actually sell.

Cash Out In Play

In-play betting also allows spread bettors the option to trade – to cash out for a profit or restrict a loss. ‘Cash Out’ betting has been the buzz word in the betting industry for the last year, but it was Sporting Index who pioneered the concept and it has been available with us since we first launched in 1992.

If you bought total goals at 2.6 for a match and the score was 2-0 after 20 minutes, then you can be sure the spread will be pushed up considerably. Let’s say it began at 2.4-2.6, and was now trading at 3.9-4.1 as a result of those early goals.

Buyers at 2.6 would be able to cash out by selling at the new quote of 3.9, making themselves a swift profit after less than a third of the game.

Similarly, those that sold at 2.4 in the example above, fearing a costly remaining 70 minutes, could cap their losses by buying at the new quote of 4.1. This would limit losses to 1.7 times their original wager.

Benefits Of In Play Football Bets

Those are just a few potential scenarios. The benefits of in-play football spread betting are clear – spread bettors can watch the action develop and make a more informed bet; in-play betting is arguably more subjective than normal betting meaning your difference of opinion with traders could be more profitable; and punters can take a profit or restrict losses before the match has finished.

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