In Play Spread Betting

Sporting Index is the choice when it comes to in-play betting. When an event we are covering is televised we will offer a large range of in-play markets. This allows you to wait until the match has started (to get a feel for how it’s going) before you place your bet. It also means that you can close out your bet in-play to take a profit or limit losses, rather than wait until the end of an event.

Placing a spread bet

When placing a bet on a particular market, the first thing to do is use your knowledge to decide whether you think our prediction is accurate, and if not, whether we are too high or too low. This will determine whether you buy or sell.

Remember, you always buy at the high price and sell at the low price.

For example, in a rugby match between England and France you may expect a high scoring game. Sporting Index total points quote for the game is 40 - 43. You decide to buy at 43 for £10.

Closing in-play

When closing any bet, you will always do the opposite to what you did when you opened the bet. A buy bet will be closed with a sell bet and vice versa. To close a bet with Sporting Index you simply click on ‘Open bets’ and this will show you your original bet as well as the current market price and value of your bet.

Spread Bet On Other Sports And Betting Markets