Index Based Rugby Bets

Tournament / Championship Index

There are a number of rugby spread betting markets that revolve around how a team might perform in a tournament.

Points are awarded to teams depending on where they finished in the table. For example, the winner of the Six Nations Championships would accumulate 60pts, while second would get 40pts, third 20pts, fourth 10pts and the rest 0pts.

England, as favourites, for example, might have a prediction of between 36-39 points for the Six Nations.

Should you predict England to win or at least finish second, you would buy at 39. If England went on to win the whole tournament they would secure 60 points and you would make a profit of 21 times your stake (60 - 39 = 21). However, if they performed poorly and finished third you would lose 19 times your stake (20 - 39 = -19).