Long Term Football Betting

What are the long-term football spread betting markets?

Sporting Index offer long-term football spread betting markets across a specific group of games, a whole season or a particular competition.

Total Points

A prediction on the number of points a team will accumulate over a season. For example, Sporting Index might quote Manchester United Points at 70-71.5 for the Premier League season.

Our traders constantly update season-long spread betting points predictions, giving spread bettors the opportunity to cash out their bet or open new positions.

Season points markets are certainly not restricted to the Premier League. They are also offered for a number of other leading leagues including the Championship, League 1, League 2, La Liga and the Bundesliga.

Championship Index

Teams are awarded points based on where they finish in the league as follows; Winner = 60pts, Second = 40pts, Third = 30pts, Fourth = 20pts, Fifth = 10pts, Sixth = 5pts. All others = 0.

We might have a spread of Arsenal at 36-38. If they finished third, they would make-up 30.

And like season points markets we offer Championship Index markets for the likes of the Championship, League 1, League 2, La Liga and the Bundesliga.

Relegation Index

Like the Championship Index, points are awarded to teams on where they finish in the league, concentrating on those teams likely to be relegated. Points are awarded as follows; Bottom = 60pts, Second Bottom = 40pts, Third Bottom = 30pts, Fourth Bottom = 20pts, Fifth Bottom = 10pts, Sixth Bottom = 5pts. All others = 0.

So the spread for Crystal Palace might be 37-40. If Palace finished bottom, they would make-up 60.

Golden Boot Index

A prediction on which player will score the most goals over the course of a season with points awarded on where that player finishes in the table. Winner: 60pts, Runner-up: 40pts, Third: 30pts, Fourth: 25pts, Fifth: 20pts, Sixth: 15pts, Seventh: 10pts, Eighth: 5pts.All others: 0pts.

Sporting Index’s spread for Luis Suarez may be 39-42. If he finished second, he would make up 40.

This market is updated throughout the season.

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