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Do you offer markets on baseball?

Sporting Index offers a number of baseball spread betting markets, both pre-match and in-play, on all Major League Baseball games. Here’s an overview of our main baseball markets:


This is a prediction on how many runs a team beats another team by.

Let’s say that Sporting Index quotes New York Yankees at 1.3-1.8 over Boston Red Sox. If the Yankees were to win by five runs, the market would make up at 5 and spread bettors who bought (bet higher) at 1.8 would make 3.2 times their stake. However, if the Red Sox had won by three runs, the market would make-up at -3, meaning Yankees buyers would have lost 4.8 times their initial stake.

Total Runs

This is the total number of runs scored by both teams in the match.

Sporting Index might offer total runs at 16.5-17.5 in a game between the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves. If you think that is too low you would decide to buy runs at 17.5.

If Atlanta ended up winning 13-10 and the market makes up at 23, meaning you have made a profit of 5.5 times your stake (23 - 17.5 = 5.5). If it ended up being a much tighter game and Atlanta only managed to win 7-5, the market would make up at 12, meaning that you would have lost 5.5 times your stake (12 - 17.5 = -5.5).

One thing to bear in mind is that, normally, extra innings are included in the Total Runs make-up.


This is the total runs of a team multiplied by the total runs of their opponent. For example, Cleveland Indians beat Miami Marlins 8-6, so the market makes up at 48 (8x6 = 48). High scoring games can lead to very high scoring Cross-Runs make-ups.

What markets do you offer on basketball?

Basketball spread betting is very popular and we offer a wide range of markets on NBA, NCAA and Euroleague basketball matches. We cover these matches both pre-match and in-play.

Here are some of the key markets:

Total Points

This is a prediction on the total number of points scored in a match.

Sporting Index might quote total points in a game between the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls at 190-194. However, you think that these two free-scoring teams are going to put on a thriller so you may decide to buy (bet higher) at 194.

If the Knicks won 107-103, the market would make-up at 210 and you would make 16 times your stake (210 - 194 = 16).

However, if a few shots were missed during the match and it finished 93-90, the market would make-up at 183, meaning you had lost 11 times your stake.

First Quarter Points

This market works exactly the same as Total Points, except it is solely on the first quarter.


As with other sports, a Supremacy spread bet in basketball is the margin by which one team beats another. Let’s say Sporting Index quote the Knicks to beat the Bulls by 4-7 points. The final score ends up being 111-98 to the Knicks, meaning that those who had bought their Supremacy at 7 would make 6 times their stake (13 - 7 = 6).

However, if the Bulls had won by a solitary point, those spread bettors who bought the Knicks Supremacy at 7 would have lost 8 times their stake (-1 - 7 = -8).

Player Points

This is a prediction on the number of points a particular player scores in a game. A selection of players will be included in any game and spread bettors can buy or sell the individual player’s points.

Total 3-Pointers

Sporting Index will make a prediction on the total number of 3-pointers that are scored in a match.

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